SingularityDAO debut project on Launchpad, NuNet, closes 2m USD sale in 90 seconds

By November 22, 2021DeFi
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SingularityDAO, the first DeFi project that uses sophisticated machine learning in token markets, has concluded its debut sale on Launchpad, the newest feature of its emerging AI DeFi ecosystem. The sale concluded yesterday, with an impressive 2 million collected in less than 1minute 30seconds for the SingularityNET ecosystem’s Decentralized Compute project, NuNet.

Thousands of people registered to participate in the NuNet Community Round, which was offered to the AGIX and SDAO token holding community at the same price as VC investors and at 50% less when compared to the public IDO round.

“As SingularityNET grows into a real AI/Blockchain ecosystem, it has become clear that there was a need for a platform able to launch new ecosystem projects in the market.” says SingularityDAO CEO Marcello Mari. “The result is incredibly impressive for a newly launched platform and team that is just 6 months old.”

The success brings to life the second incubated Spin-Off project from within the SingularityNET ecosystem and solidifies SingularityDAO’s role in it, as both the DeFi and Launch solution for all the upcoming projects yet to launch. Rejuve, SophiaDAO, Mindplex and, of course, future DEEP Funding projects, to name but a few!

“SingularityDAO’s launchpad will welcome new elite projects in the next months, not only those related to SingularityNET,” explains Marcello Mari. “The vision is to become a one stop shop for DeFi with staking and farming solutions, a launchpad, and our AI driven decentralized asset management platform (DynaSets) at our core.”

As the DeFi arm of the SingularityNET AI Ecosystem, SingularityDAO is designed to simplify access to the crypto economy. AI-DeFi: Sophisticated Decentralized Finance meets the world’s most advanced Decentralized Artificial Intelligence to create a new type of economy.

When asked for comment, Dr. Ben Goertzel, SingularityNET CEO and SingularityDAO Co-Founder, said: “When Marcello and I first started talking about SingularityDAO a year ago, our core motivation was to use decentralized AI to help create a better ecosystem and process for early-stage tech projects that have chosen tokenomic business models.”

We’re still relatively early on this path,” continues Dr. Goertzel, “with a lot still to come, such as the imminent launch of DynaSets — but recent successes like the launch of NuNet on the SDAO Launchpad show we’re well on our way.”

SingularityDAO is building a suite of financial tools with their primary offering being DynaSets, Dynamically adjusted baskets of tokens controlled by a team of traders aided by Artificial Intelligence. Unlike traditional hedge funds, dynasets will be accessible by anyone and permissionless.

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