OKLG and Moontography Set to Become a Mega Ecosystem

By December 1, 2021NFT
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Atlanta, Georgia--(Newsfile Corp. - December 1, 2021) - OKLG and Moontography present to the public a never-seen-before phenomenon in crypto space: the looming creation of a mega ecosystem. The ecosystem is a combination of the former's tenets of culture, meme, community, and utility and the ultra utilitarian model of the latter.

OKLG is short for ok.let's.go. The project is an offshoot of Moontography, a platform with value-based decentralized apps (dApps) built on over 5 blockchain ecosystems and counting. Moontography is a platform intended to lower the barrier of entry for crypto projects by providing them with cost-effective but efficient and credible apps to scale up. OKLG will leverage the industry's sentiments towards memes and culture tokens to spread the word about Moontograpy.

OKLG and Moontography are set to merge into one interesting ecosystem

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What Does OKLG Bring to the Table?

OKLG seeks to change the perception of meme coins as it passes the new packs many rewarding features to all parties involved while also lending support to other crypto communities. Some of these features include:

1. Buy-back for Frens

The "buy-back for frens" feature is OKLG's way of rewarding holders by either buying and burning OKLG to raise the unit valuation or distributing the tokens bought in percentages proportionate to the value of holders' portfolios. The phrase "for frens" is not limited to members of the community alone. For projects that are newly starting out and need help scaling, OKLG will buy back their tokens so that their valuation goes up. Which in turn increases the adoption of such projects. Projects to benefit from the feature will be decided upon by the OKLG community.

2. Rewards Booster and Fee Exclusion

A smart contract with the above feature is created to help increase user earnings by increasing their rewards and excluding gas fees from such wallets. Holders only need to hold the stipulated minimum token amount in their wallets to qualify for this feature. As the OKLG community is all about collaborating with other crypto-based projects, wallets holding NFTs from partner collections will also boost their rewards. A periodical poll and voting process will determine the reward metric pending the creation of a formal governance process.

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