Creator who worked with Beyonce wants ‘a metaverse your grandmother can understand’

By January 14, 2022Metaverse
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Imagine a personalized online world where a user’s Instagram pictures are in a museum gallery, and their favorite songs play in a virtual club where people can come and listen. Then imagine selling merchandise from that personalized world.

That’s what a new company called Auggy is aiming to do: enable everyone to create their own personal metaverse.

“We're trying to create a Metaverse that your grandmother can understand,” Auggy founder and creator Sidney Swift told Yahoo Finance in an interview.

The music producer turned tech guru says every person already has their own digital world that lives across different platforms on the Internet. He is creating the opportunity to allow anyone to create their own Metaverse by consolidating their Internet presence, dragging and dropping all their Instagram pictures, favorite Spotify playlists and Youtube videos in one place, thus creating their own digital world.

“It's hyper focused on their own identity and then it allows them to capitalize off of that digital identity,” Swift said.

Swift is positioning Auggy for cryptocurrency newbies as well as pros. Users can have a crypto wallet, but don't have to. And as more people become more familiar with crypto, Auggy will help usher them to more advanced levels of the metaverse.

Platform users own their own metaverse as a non fungible token (NFT), and can buy and sell NFTs on it. Users can take their Metaverse and import it into Facebook or create digital games on the platform, and license them to PlayStation or even license their whole Metaverse to Pixar.

According to the creator, NFTs are going to explode in 2022 – and their applications to music are only just beginning.

“We haven't even scratched the surface on the capabilities of how you can use an NFT around not just a song but around lyrics, melody, behind the scenes footage and around an artist’s entire album and brand,” he stated.

Swift envisions letting fans weigh in on the songwriting process through offering an NFT campaign with an artist, where fans can purchase 10,000 NFTs – and then have ownership in the decision making of the artists songwriting and producing.

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