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By January 14, 2022Layer2
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Project Name





ERC-20 (Polygon)

Brief Overview


  • Kasta is a crypto payments platform that will enable instant and borderless peer-to-peer (P2P) crypto transactions


  • A swap engine that allows for users to be flexible with regard to the type of cryptocurrency that they would like to receive

  • Allows for seamless on-and off-ramping

  • Transactions can be conveniently made via a user-friendly mobile app that has a simple-to-navigate interface

  • Comprises a utility token that helps to offset platform fees (lower exchange rates and reduced interest rates)


  • Multiple cross-chain and crypto-fiat swaps may incur high slippage

Max. Supply

1,500,000,000 KASTA

Initial Supply

37,500,000 KASTA

Initial Market Cap

$1.5 million

Potential Upside of Coin (Based on Market Cap)


Price (As at Time of Article)


Price Chart (7D)

Trading Volume (24h)


Wallet Distribution

Total Number of Wallets

1505 (as of the time of writing)

Top Wallet


Top 5 Wallets


Tech/Financial Edge

High Transaction Throughput

  • The Polygon network boasts a transaction per second (TPS) rate of up to 65,000 TPS, as well as a transaction finality/block confirmation time of less than 2 seconds. As Kasta is built on the Polygon network, it will enjoy all these advantages

Low Fees

  • Compared to the Ethereum network, the Polygon network requires very low fees for transactions. As the average fee on the Polygon network is a mere $0.02 per transaction, projects like Kasta that are built on Polygon will definitely reap the benefits of such low transaction fees



  • Inflationary

Max. Supply:

  • 1,500 Million KASTA

Circulating Supply:

  • 37.5 Million KASTA

Advisory & Founders Team Token Allocation:

  • 17% of Max. Supply

Development, Marketing and Operation Token Allocation:

  • 37% of Max. Supply

Exchange and Market Making Token Allocation:

  • 8% of Max. Supply

Seed, Private & Public Sales Token Allocation:

  • 20.5% of Max. Supply

General Treasury Token Allocation:

  • 2.5% of Max. Supply

Percentage of Token Allocation to Community:

  • 15% of Max. Supply

Total Value Locked (TVL)


Growth in Daily Transactions

Growth in Daily Active Addresses (From Jan 1. 2021)


Social Engagement

Number of Telegram Users

  • 33,785

Number of Twitter Followers

  • 155.9k

Bullish Sentiments


How to Invest in/Trade KASTA

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