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By January 19, 2022The Sandbox
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While the market continues to move sideways, without major cues and in a very narrow channel, the whales take advantage of this to make shopping. This is the case with one of the whale from Ethereum, which has spent a considerable amount of money buying large quantities of three specific cryptocurrencies.

Let’s talk about 14 million dollars which were intended precisely to $ SAND from The Sandbox, to $ MANA from Decentraland it’s at $ CQT from Covalent Network. A certainly curious choice, not only for further exposure in the world of metaverse blockchain, but also for a network that is still among those least haunted even by frontier investors.

Attack whales - here's what they bought on Ethereum
Incredible series of purchases – 14 million investments

Two out of three of the cryptocurrencies that are the subject of attention by the whale are already available on eTorogo here to get a virtual account to test all PRO TOOLS – for an intermediary who is also very attentive to the latest news coming from market, just like the tokens that come from metaverse.

Also here we have access to CopyTrader – through which we can invest by copying the best operating on the market. We also have access to Smart Portfolios, among which there is also one dedicated to the world of metaverse. With $ 50 we can invest with a real account, after having tested everything through the demo account above.

This is excellent news for all those who have already invested in these cryptocurrencies, as well as for those who are thinking of approaching this world right now. One of the most important whales ecosystem Ethereum has in fact bought several times $ MANA, $ SAND And $ CQT, for a total of 14 million dollars. A very important sum, even for cryptocurrencies that already have a decent market capitalization.

Of course, not such from move the price of a lot, but still a signal important as far as the world of the metaverse is concerned, because to buy is one of the wallet richer than the entire ecosystem, or the third by quantity of tokens and coins on the network Ethereum in terms of value.

A purchase signal therefore important, in a phase of relative difficulty for a sector, that of Metaverse, which actually grew a lot during the second part of the 2021 and that therefore is now in front of a more than normal correction.

Why do whales accumulate?

Hard to say, because obviously we can’t be sure of the reasons who brought a account so important to expose yourself for these figures. However we are faced with an operation that at the same time speaks quite clearly and that allows you to have a outlook very positive on the whole sector. Even through its most representative members.

All within actually one large diluted buying operation, which in recent days has also covered $ WBTC, which is the version Wrapped from Bitcoin on the network of Ethereum, in addition to $ GALA always in the same sector as $ SAND And MANA and then also $ LINK. With Chainlink which, we anticipate, will be one of token more hot of the 2022.

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