PRESS RELEASE: Does Your Dog Have What It Takes to Become a Rare & Collectable NFT?

By May 15, 2022NFT
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Does Your Dog Have What It Takes to Become a Rare & Collectable NFT?

While non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, are rapidly emerging as one of the most effective ways to build generational wealth that can be passed down through families, uptake within non-crypto communities remains slow. Until now. Dogs Unite is breaking down barriers to entry by making NFTs fun, easy, and accessible to everyone by inviting your pooch to be part of the process.

In the first ever competition of its kind, Dogs Unite is launching a limited-edition collection of 1000 rare NFTs, with all artwork modelled after the lucky winners. The digital tokens will feature unique, hand drawn likenesses of 25 winning pups, enabling owners to earn money as the tokens are sold and traded online. As with all NFTs, the tokens will be built upon blockchain technology which is used to establish, trace, and maintain ownership of the artwork.

Cryptocurrency expert Robert Brus, Co-Founder of Dogs Unite, says, “Crypto, blockchain, and NFTs will very likely play a massive role in our future and together they hold so many exciting opportunities. And yet they’re still seen as complex and inaccessible. We’re setting out to change that. We want to bridge the gap and show that anyone can benefit from NFTs. We believe the best way to do that is by creating an emotional connection to the NFT space, and what better than our beloved canine companions for achieving this?

Committed to making NFTs simpler than ever, Dogs Unite is saying ‘no’ to complicated platforms, and instead making it easy and straightforward for all dog lovers to enter the exciting competition. All owners have to do is upload a vote-worthy image of their dog via the Dogs Unite website, tell the team a little bit about their beloved fur baby, and share the competition with friends, family, and followers. It’s never been easier to get involved in the NFT space.

25 lucky winners will be selected, with each winning pooch being immortalised through 40 hand drawn tokens. The winning line-up will comprise of the 10 top competition sharers, the 10 most voted for dogs, and 5 randomly selected entries. Each winner will receive a share of 10% of the first month’s revenue, along with a share of 2% royalties for all sales made of the NFTs.

The exciting competition launches on Friday 20th May, with winners announced on Friday 1st July, which means you have just 6 weeks to get your entries in. The NFTs will be available for purchase from Friday 15th July through the world’s largest crypto collectibles and NFT marketplace, OpenSea. 5% of revenue generated will be used to support those caring for animals in Ukraine.

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Dogs Unite was launched by crypto expert Robert Brus and professional photographer Sue White, who are striving to make the NFT space more accessible to non-crypto communities. Through Dogs Unite, the pair are gamifying non-fungible tokens to encourage more people to embrace NFTs and start building generational wealth to pass down through their families.

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