Injective Pro Lists Decentralized Perpetual Futures for Stacks

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Injective Pro Lists Decentralized Perpetual Futures for Stacks

Injective Pro has listed perpetual futures contracts for Stacks, marking the first of many Bitcoin-focused decentralized derivative markets to come on Injective Pro. Through this upgrade, users will be able to participate in the new forms of trading.

STX, the native digital asset of Stacks, can now be traded with a maximum leverage of 5x on a decentralized order book with a gas fee that equals zero.

Other details related to the trading pair STX-USDT perpetual futures are represented below:-

Underlying Market STX
Quote Asset USDT
Minimum Quantity Ticket Size 0.01 STX
Initial Margin Ratio 19.5%
Maximum Leverage 5x
Expiration Perpetual
Multipliers 1x maker points and 2.2x take points
Maintenance Margin Requirement 5%

Among all the options available, users opt for Injective Pro due to its benefits. For instance, it offers lightning-fast speed and an opportunity to earn trading fee discounts by participating in VIP Tiers.

Other benefits include a decentralized order book, zero frontrunning, zero gas fees, zero MEV, a chance to own a part of the exchange to determine its future through governance, reward earning with the execution of every trade, and access to space that boosts interaction with the world of Cosmos IBC.

Stacks has its ecosystem comprising elements like developers, entities, and community members who may be independent in their status. They work to build an internet space on Bitcoin by focusing extensively on the users.

STX is the native digital currency of Stacks. STX is leveraged to fuel networking activities and contract execution. STX Holders can lock their respective holdings through stacking and earn Bitcoin to support the blockchain based consensus.

Stacks blockchain opened the door for innovation on the network by extending the design of Bitcoin without modifying the network itself. Independent elements in the ecosystem benefit from it as they can secure apps and predictable Clarity smart contracts.

Stacks scripted history in the United States of America by distributing its native token to the general public through its first-ever SEC qualified token offering.

Injective promotes the building of DeFi, Exchange, Derivatives, and Web3 applications as an interoperable layer one protocol that can be customized to achieve a goal. The protocol is powered by INJ, the native currency of Injective.

The layer one protocol is backed by Pantera Capital and incubated by Binance. It was created through the Cosmos SDK. Users experience lightning-fast speed with the assurance of receiving transaction finality instantly. The update was published by Injective as an official blog post.

Community members of Injective can put forward a proposal regarding the listing of a new asset through Injective Governance. All the members have a say in listing assets in exchanges that have been built on Injective. Stacks is responsible for enabling builders to build dApps while availing the benefits of the security of Bitcoin.

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