‘Family Guy’ Fame’s Seth Green Loses Bored Ape NFTs In Phishing Attack

By May 19, 2022NFT
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Actor and comedian Seth Green said he lost four Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) non fungible tokens (NFTs) in a phishing attack earlier this week.

What Happened: In a tweet on May 17, Green urged his 1.4 million followers not to buy or trade his stolen NFTs until he resolves the issue.

Well frens it happened to me. Got phished and had 4NFT stolen. @BoredApeYC @opensea @doodles @yugalabs please don’t buy or trade these while I work to resolve:@DarkWing84 looks like you bought my stolen ape- hit me up so we can fix it pic.twitter.com/VL1OVnd44m

— Seth Green (@SethGreen) May 17, 2022

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“Got phished and had 4 NFTs stolen,” Green tweeted.

Blockchain records indicate the theft happened around nine days ago when scammers acquired one Bored Ape, one Doodles NFT two Mutant Apes from Green’s collection.

The scammers sold the Bored Ape for over $200,000 and one Mutant Ape for $42,000. According to the current floor price of the Mutant Ape and Doodles collection, the remaining NFTs are worth a combined value of $70,000 but are yet to be sold off.

Decentralized marketplace OpenSea has flagged the stolen NFTs as suspicious and potentially compromised on its platform.

Of late, a number of phishing attacks have targeted owners of the Bored Ape NFT collection. In April, Benzinga reported that a fraudulent link on the official Bored Ape Instagram page resulted in the loss of 24 Bored Apes and 30 Mutant Apes.

, the native token of the Bored Ape ecosystem was trading at $7.87 at the time of writing. APE rallied 37% in the last seven days, recovering from the previous week’s decline following Terra’s LUNA/USD death spiral. was trading at $29,200 and Ethereum ETH/USD was trading at $1,956, at press time as per data from Benzinga Pro.

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