Ukraine Sells Donated CryptoPunk NFT For Over $100,000 To Support War Efforts

By June 21, 2022NFT
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Ukraine NFT Sell Cryptopunk 5364 price eth 90 support russia war effort
When the NFT was donated, CryptoPunk #5364 was valued at $233,000. ( Image Source : OpenSea )

Ukraine on Monday sold its highly valued CryptoPunk NFT to support its efforts during the ongoing conflict with Russia. Since Russia invaded Ukraine in February this year, the Eastern European country has been amassing resources to help in its war efforts. The country gathered $135 million on cryptocurrency-related donations alone. CryptoPunk #5364, a rare NFT marked by its bandana- and shades-clad avatar with a cigarette on its lips, was donated to the Aid For Ukraine fund in March. The NFT has now been sold, as confirmed by Ukraine’s Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation Alex Bornyakov.

On June 20, Bornyakov took to Twitter to announce that CryptoPunk #5364 has been sold for ETH 90, which amounts to over $100,000.

Breaking news on crypto donations: #CryptoPunk #5364 has been sold for 90 ETH. It's over $100K. Few months ago this NFT was donated for @_AidForUkraine fund. Crypto community continues to support Ukraine.

— Alex Bornyakov (@abornyakov) June 20, 2022

Bornyakov added that the crypto community “continues to support Ukraine.”

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When the NFT was donated, it was valued at $233,000 as per DeepNFTValue, a platform that estimates prices for rare NFTs. The dip in its price now can be attributed to the recent crypto meltdown, which was caused by the LUNA crash in May as well as the Bitcoin and Ethereum plunge earlier this month.

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The NFT was sold to an anonymous buyer.

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The CryptoPunks collection was launched in 2017 with 10,000 unique pixellated cartoon characters. To date it has garnered an all-time sales of $2.25 billion, as per CryptoSlam.

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