Building True Web3 Education: Ledger Presents Ledger Quest

By June 22, 2022The Sandbox
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Ledger Quest: Our New Play-to-Learn Platform

Currently, Web3 Education can be seen as time consuming, off-chain and unappealing, which is why we have decided to bridge the gap between old and new paradigms by engaging Web3 communities through gamified and incentive-driven content, leveraging blockchain technologies.

In other words, LEARN, PLAY, EARN.

We developed Ledger Quest to empower communities to safely navigate this space. With Ledger Quest, you can test your crypto knowledge and get rewarded with NFTs.

What is a Quest?

It’s essentially a timed quiz or series of quizzes that can be code or token gated depending on the overarchinIt’s essentially a timed quiz or series of quizzes that can be code or token gated depending on the overarching concept. Once a user completes the quest, he/she is awarded with an exclusive Proof of Knowledge (PoK) NFT serving as PoK and a social badge, letting the world know that you are propelling the education of Web3 forward! PoK NFTs can have cultural appeal as well; they can be the key to unlock IRL/metaverse experiences, their function is to prove knowledge but their form could be anything: artworks, collectibles or even metaverse wearables.

The Quest adventure is very simple:

  1. Choose your quest (we’ve got something for everyone).
  2. Answer a series of quizzes.
  3. Redeem an exclusive, unique, NFT.

Engaging in Web3 education requires resources like educational expertise, content development, NFT creation and more. With Ledger Quest, we’ve made these resources easily available to NFT creators. Think of us as your education guru! We’ll guide you in market legitimacy, security expertise, tech stack, content creation, NFT minting and community engagement. We’ve got your back.

What’s Next for Quest?

Starting from September 2022, we will help projects, brands and artists build their own Quests to educate their holders and reward them with a PoK NFT of their choice. Our launch partners include WOW, COOL CATS, DEADFELLAZ, & LVCIDIA and APECOIN. That’s a pretty awesome roundup! Together with Ledger Quest we can shift Web3 education to be more engaging, creative, and culturally relevant.

For Evan Luza, FoFor Evan Luza, Founder at Cool Cats, “Onboarding people into the Web3 space is of utmost importance. Education has been a perpetual focus for us since we launched Cool Cats. The “play-to-learn” concept also is a powerful one to bring Web3 education to the masses. It stands out as an optimal way to onboard people into the Web3 space at a more understandable and retainable cadence. Ledger and Cool Cats share common fundamental beliefs, from crypto security, to education and awareness. We’re happy to partner with Ledger so we can continue to lower the barrier of entry of the masses to Web3.”

Maaria Bajwa, Member of the APE Foundation Special Council says:

“Security is a critical component of Web3 today, especially when taking into account self-sovereignty. We want everyone in the ApeCoin community to build and participate in the Ape ecosystem with confidence and are excited to partner with Ledger on this important initiative to provide purpose-built educational content and Proof of Knowledge NFTs.”

Bringing Web3 Education to the Metaverse with The Sandbox

Our new Quest platform shows our ambition to bring “gamified” Web3 education to life. But we also want to bring Web3 education to the Metaverse for an even more immersive experience.

We recently partnered with The Sandbox, the leading blockchain-based gaming platform, to safeguard the open metaverse and bring tech support and education about digital ownership and security.

The Sandbox provides the perfect environment for users to learn through unique gamified Ledger experiences. Our partnership aims at educating from within the Metaverse and substantially reducing the amount of hacks and scams that the crypto and NFT space at large has recently been facing.

The Sandbox and Ledger collaboration extends far beyond the essential aspect of education in the metaverse. It’s also about improving user experience. Ledger will provide The Sandbox users with the most secure and accessible experience to access The Sandbox, as well as its assets and collectibles.

Working towards providing the safest experience for newcomers, The Sandbox will provide the Ledger team with space to build out their security and education hub.

We’re looking forward to seeing what Web3 education will look like 10 years from now, and we’re proud to set the first stepping stones in this regard. Web3 will only become mainstream with education and security at its heart.

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