MetaShooter Collabs with Polygon Studios to Tweak the Game

By August 8, 2022The Sandbox
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MetaShooter Collabs with Polygon Studios to Tweak the Game

MetaShooter, the first ever hunting metaverse, has partnered with Polygon Studios. The main goal behind this is to enhance scalability and build an energy-efficient project. Through this collaboration, MetaShooter also looks to improve the quality of the work.

This presents a fantastic opportunity for us to improve the quality of our work overall and broaden the scope of our involvement in the community,” reads the official blog post by MetaShooter.

MetaShooter & Polygon Studios: How Collaboration Will Affect the Game

With the new collab, MetaShooter players will be able to transfer their assets to other games, sell them on marketplaces, and do more.

Here are the highlights:

  • Players can export and use the assets gained from MetaShooter into other titles by Polygon Studios.
  • Players will also be able to sell their assets on OpenSea and other marketplaces supported by Polygon.
  • The collaboration also aims to reduce the cost of buying assets in metaverses.
  • In the future, players can also transfer assets between chains and metaverses and interactions within the Polygon ecosystem will be easier.

Polygon Studios and MetaShooter have also agreed to seek opportunities for technological convergence, expand the metaverse, increase interoperability, and contribute to the growth of GameFi.

This collaboration is a logical extension of our common purpose to make an influence on society through the power of blockchain gaming and entertainment, and it is an integral element of why we have come together to form this alliance,” says the official post.

How P2E Games Benefit from Polygon Network

To begin with, Polygon is easy to use and its structure makes it a perfect scalability solution.

Here’s why Polygon is beneficial to P2E games:

  • With an ever-growing suite of tools, developers get easy access to scaling solutions like sidechains and much more. As a matter of fact, Polygon is already a popular scalable solution and currently hosts over 19,000 dApps.
  • Polygon offers speedy transactions and users can save on gas fees. In contrast, Ethereum has very high gas fees and slower processing.
  • As Polygon is built upon Ethereum, projects can be easily moved over to Polygon.

What Is MetaShooter?

MetaShooter is the first of its kind hunting metaverse based on blockchain. The decentralized metaverse aims to deliver a realistic hunting experience alongside monetization activities. Players can enter the MetaShooter world as a hunter and go hunting.

On the Flipside

  • As many projects are being built upon or being migrated to Polygon, MetaShooter is likely to face competition from them.

Why You Should Care

  • Collaboration with Polygon Studios will definitely unlock benefits like interoperability between chains and metaverses. Further, it will improve the experience for users, who will be able to transfer or sell assets easily.

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