Melania Trump Becomes an Instant Christmas Lover Because of Her Ornament NFTs

By September 22, 2022NFT
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Previously, Melania Trump became a subject of the media when several tapes of her showed how she hated the occasion. The recording revealed how she cursed the holiday and the migrant children at the same time.

The whole internet went crazy upon hearing this news from the media. However, things have changed quickly, and the former first lady suddenly loved the iconic holiday because she's now selling ornament NFTs.

Melania Trump's Christmas Controversy

Melania Trump Becomes an Instant Christmas Lover Because of Her Ornament NFTs

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Melania Trump is suddenly selling ornament NFTs despite hating Christmas in the past.

Christmas is only three months away from now, and we are nearing to see the pure spirit of the holiday through gift-giving. It's not all about the charitable acts, but this holiday is also pooling with controversies that once went viral.

According to Gizmodo, Melania Trump is spotted to be spearheading an NFT collection selling her Christmas ornaments. Along with these non-fungible tokens, a 2018 tape suddenly about her came out from nowhere.

For those new to NFTs, these are collections you can purchase using cryptocurrencies. You can buy a digital copy of a piece while preserving its physical version by your side.

Trump said that her hate of Christmas is not true. She added that Stephanie Wolkoff, her former aide, has silently recorded their conversation so people would perceive her as hateful to the occasion.

"I will personally set the record straight because the mainstream media has failed to provide context for these misleading exchanges. Christmas is an important time for me, my family, and the American people, and my devotion to the holiday is personal and profoundly serious," Trump said.

Melania Trump LIES AGAIN…capitalizing on my name to take advantage of the American people! She has nothing better to do than to impugn my integrity and lie again in order to sell some ornaments.


P.S. I don’t lie!!!

— Stephanie Winston Wolkoff (@SWinstonWolkoff) September 20, 2022

She added that Wolkoff is just making false accusations about her perception of migrant children. She later called Wolkoff "untrustworthy" because of her "malicious intent" to make her bad to the media.

In an interview with Breitbart, Trump said that the media did not address the misleading exchanges pretty well. She defended her stance on the issue by stating that she was devoted to Christmas and caring for the children.

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Melania Trump is Selling Christmas Ornament NFTs

Melania Trump Becomes an Instant Christmas Lover Because of Her Ornament NFTs

(Photo : Melania Trump)

Wolkoff tweeted earlier this week that Trump needs to attack her before she sells ornament NFTs to the people. She commented on Trump's statement about her and called it "pathetic."

Regarding the ornament NFTs, the "American Christmas Collection" is something you can regularly see during the holiday. It has six brass ornaments that sit at $35 apiece. The generic design is very glaring, as a matter of fact, because it's not extraordinary like any other Christmas NFTs.

For those interested in buying Trump's NFTs, you can visit her page here to see the other options that might interest you. All bought NFTs will be minted on the SOL blockchain, and you can get their physical counterparts upon purchase.

A small portion that will be gathered from the auction will reportedly go to Trump's initiative for the children's scholarships.

For NFT collectors who are fond of collecting special collectibles, Trump's ornament NFTs appear simple - something that can be compared to the designs you can get on the internet.

Well, if you're a first lady fan, it won't matter at the very least. You need to reimagine her true sight about the Christmas spree.

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