Can Dogeliens Revive The P2E Market That Decentraland and The Sandbox Pioneered?

By October 6, 2022The Sandbox
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Dogeliens (DOGET)

The Play-to-Earn (P2E) market began in 2013 with the release of Huntercoin (HCC). Since then, hundreds of cryptocurrencies have entered the P2E market in an attempt to dominate the space. Decentraland (MANA) and The Sandbox (SAND) were pioneers in the P2E market, taking it to heights it had never seen before.

The token prices of most P2E games collapsed in 2022, leaving the market in shambles. So, how can Dogeliens (DOGET), the new P2E platform, bring a wave of new users to the P2E market, and take it back to its peak? Let’s find out!

P2E, NFTs, and Charity – Dogeliens

The Dogeliens platform hosts a myriad of services that its users can take advantage of. Its P2E game allows you to explore the world of Puptopia, battling your Dogelien pup against others in teams of two, three, four, or even solo! You gain rewards for winning your battles, with additional rewards for posting your success on social media.

Conversely, if battling isn’t for you, don’t worry! Dogeliens has an array of fun activities to take part in on Puptopia. Take your Dogelien pup for a walk, collecting fruit and flowers that can be harvested into materials, clothes, and accessories for your Dogelien pup. These items can also be sold on the internal NFT marketplace.

To play the Dogeliens game, you need to purchase a Dogelien pup in the form of an NFT. Once you have trained your Dogelien pup, you can either keep it or sell it for a profit once its level of rarity has increased. 3% of all transactions on the Dogeliens platform are placed in the charity wallet. At the end of each month, a charity to donate to is chosen by the community!

Bringing The Metaverse To You – The Sandbox

The Sandbox has created a Metaverse that lets you shape your journey, exploring the Metaverse and all it has to offer. Users can easily create a beautiful environment around them, and if they choose to purchase that land, they can own it forever!

The platform allows you to socialise with others and even lets you create games of your own without the need for coding experience. The Sandbox hands you the tools to make your imagination come to life. If you’re unhappy with the way the platform is running, The Sandbox allows you to vote on matters concerning the platform’s future through its DAO.

The Sandbox has a long list of partnerships that would attract any gamer. From Snoop Dogg to Paris Hilton, The Sandbox has it all. Users can access hundreds of NFT collections on the NFT marketplace, including a Snoop Dogg collection with twenty different assets!

The First-Ever Virtual World Owned By Its Users – Decentraland

Users can create, roam, and socialise with other users on the Decentraland platform. The dynamic game is a haven for those looking to escape reality into a virtual 3D world. An array of events are available for users, including casino nights, launch parties, and virtual galleries.

Like The Sandbox, Decentraland hosts its own DAO. A common criticism of games is their lack of understanding of what the users want in the platform. The developers need a closer relationship with the users, and that is what the DAO allows.

Although token prices for P2E platforms collapsed through 2022, Decentraland is reporting a positive trend in the past twenty-four hours. Decentraland has risen by 1.55% at the time of writing, bringing its market capitalisation to $1.3 billion!

Final Thoughts

As mentioned above, The Sandbox and Decentraland are pioneers in the P2E space. Although they are not at the height they once were, they could regain users in the future due to the innovative platforms they have built.

However, maybe what the P2E sector needs is a fresh start with a new type of game. That is where Dogeliens comes into play. The new platform has developed a game that could see multiple generations of gamers gravitate toward the same platform. The future looks promising for Dogeliens as it looks to revive the P2E market.

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