Who is Gavin Wood? – Polkadot CEO Steps Down

By October 23, 2022Polkadot
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I was referred to Coinbase by my son who has been a user since 2018. I opened account and completed KYC. Coinbase has closed account disabling any transactions. I wired 50K from my bank that went into my Coinbase account but was unable to make any transactions. I am really disappointed with my Coinbase experience. What are next steps?

A few days ago I had about 0.037 Eth rewards in my coinbase account.

This morning I've checked and I'm down to 0.031 Eth rewards.

Where did the 0.006 Eth 2.0 go?

Also, the staking rewards used to tick up like a car mileage clock, but now mine is stuck and isn't moving at all.

So day before yesterday I use my Coinbase debit card for the first time in months. Yesterday I notice I have approximately $50 missing in USDC after using the card, so I contact support in chat. The representative was nice but when she listed my transactions, she listed one I can't see on my end (and didn't make). Also she listed the times of the transactions made, and the strange (and missing from my end) transaction she listed was like 8 hours after my transactions were made, so of course I question this, explaining I can't see it nor did I make it, nor do I buy the 'its a hold' theory because its 8 hours after my purchase (which wasn't the type of purchase they put a hold on additional funds for, like gas when you pay at the pump) so she tells me she can't help me and has to escalate my case and they will email me. So at first they email me and say it's probably a merchant hold and will fall off within 10 days, and suggest if I want it to be faster I take it up with the merchant.

Keep in mind I still cannot see this transaction, therefore have no idea who this merchant is. So I reply and call bullshit, because it was 8 hours after my purchase, so it being a hold makes NO sense, and ask who the merchant is, because again I cannot see this transaction. A few hours later they reply and tell me it is a merchant and a transaction FROM FEBRUARY 21ST 2022 that they claim didn't reconcile. February. EIGHT FUCKING MONTHS AGO. Mind you I used this card regularly for daily purchases through at least the end of March, when I decided to let my remaining crypto sit as it was for a bit, as things were looking bearish.

Initially when I read this I was like how tf am I supposed to verify this info, but remembered my card statements, and upon reviewing them LO AND BEHOLD, guess what DID in fact reconcile IN FEBRUARY... yep, this transaction they charged me for AGAIN on YESTERDAY, 8 FUCKING MONTHS LATER.

I'm furious! I emailed them again, haven't heard back yet, of course. This is such bullshit. I've earned $440 in rewards from this card to date, so obviously I was using the hell out of it, but you can bet your sweet ass I will NEVER again use this card again after this experience, unless they make it right TODAY, and maybe kiss my ass a little, you know, for the inconvenience of my time wasted getting this fuckup fixed.

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