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By October 29, 2022Polkadot
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What’s up, everybody? Employee #69 PEPE here typing your newsletter

This is the first edition of Polkadot Current Things which aims to increase awareness of the Polkadot ecosystem through a newsletter published every other day. In addition, this newsletter will not limit to news but will host text interviews in the near future after we matured.

Thanks for coming, let’s keep Polkadot going.

And Thanks, everyone in this thread!

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XCM Dashboard


From hot Channels, Moonbeam and Acala are on the top in the past few weeks. Very likely, everyone seems to arbitrage aUSD on StellaSwap and AcalaSwap.

Check the video from Bette. aUSD will eventually repeg but, of course, NOT FINANCIAL ADVISE.

Twitter avatar for @AcalaNetworkAcala @AcalaNetwork� We've posted a new video with several updates on Acala and aUSD. You can view the full Acala Community Call on our YouTube channel (~30 mins): youtube.com/watch?v=lmag8J… Here's a quick clip from the call:
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What’s up, Polkadot?

2 Projects competing for the Parachains slot

  1. Ajuna Network: Twitter description

    We integrate the worlds leading game engines with blockchain-based assets, while massively reducing latency using trusted enclaves. Real value meets real games!

  2. OmniBTC: Twitter Description

    The first decentralized omnichain financial platform.

Overall TVL according to DeFillama:

1d Change is around -1%. However, we can see that there are some parachains that have green 1-month Change including MoonBeam, Parallel, Heiko, Interlay, and Bifrost.

Top Stable Yield on YieldBay

Nice APY! StellaSwap is leading with 4 Pools containing native USDT, native FRAX, and 2 stablecoins from Wormhole bridge. Followed with tDOT from Tapio on Acala.


Rob, co-founder of Polkadot, on Blockspace: Quality, Availability, Flexibility. Blockspace on Polkadot including Parachains will be flexible for specific applications.

Twitter avatar for @rphmeierasynchronous rob @rphmeierAn excerpt from our blockspace space: what is the blockspace primitive and how do you evaluate it? Twitter avatar for @rphmeierasynchronous rob @rphmeierhttps://t.co/cg9aOwiQwg
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BullSama on Kilt Alpha:

Twitter avatar for @BullSama09Bullsama @BullSama09@Kiltprotocol VP, BD @christinemohan casually dropped an amazing alpha yesterday about #KILT developing an onramp functionality to be integrated on the new redesigned Kilt.io website to onboard mainstream users without having a need to interact with exchanges. �
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Halaster weekly update on MoonsamaVerse:

Twitter avatar for @Trobriand15Halaster @Trobriand151/ Welcome to Halaster's weekly @MoonsamaNFT @ExosamaNFT @PondsamaNFT @RaresamaNFT ecosystem recap Oct 20th - 27th. Genesis block week! 1. News 2. Spotlight 3. Fact & Figures 4. Events Last recap link: Artwork by @numberswetrust
Twitter avatar for @Trobriand15Halaster @Trobriand151/ Welcome to Halaster's weekly @MoonsamaNFT @ExosamaNFT @PondsamaNFT @RaresamaNFT ecosystem recap Oct 12th - 19th. Blockchain incoming! 1. News 2. Spotlight 3. Fact & Figures 4. Events Last recap link: https://t.co/2K6qiOrcAN Artwork by @numberswetrust https://t.co/k3bQMHYGLq
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Did he just mention DeFi on Exosama Network!!!?:

Twitter avatar for @Trobriand15Halaster @Trobriand154/ What to expect for $EXN? 1. Ecosystem #DeFi on $EXN Exosama network soon! 2. @RaresamaNFT to be connected to $EXN 3. Liquidity onboarding by institutional supporters announced soon 4. Litepaper to be published on Oct 30th 5. Validator onboarding7:41 PM ∙ Oct 27, 202240Likes5Retweets

InvArchabout Trustless XCM:

Twitter avatar for @TinkerParachainInvArch Tinkernet | ⚙️� @TinkerParachain� Trustless #XCM Transacts unleashed � @TinkerGabe is back with a demo video on how to perform a #trustless XCM transact!!! � This unlocks the power � for #INV4 multi-sig to be executed on my blockchain by users on other chains! � Check it out: youtu.be/uKAnLvQ08GQyoutu.beTrustless #XCM Transact (Demo Video)In this demo, InvArch’s Head of Technology Development, Gabe, showcases how to perform a trustless #XCM transact!This unleashes the power for the INV4 protoc...10:17 PM ∙ Oct 27, 202231Likes4Retweets

What can we expect from InvArch? Dakota covered:

Twitter avatar for @XCAstronautDakota | InvArch� @XCAstronautThis is just a hint at the major ways we are fueling the future for the @Polkadot ecosystem! ⭕️⛓� By unlocking the possibilities of #XCM, the @InvArchNetwork will become a hub for powering #DAOs & empowering #dApps across all ecosystems! � https://t.co/x0KCGGmctYTwitter avatar for @TinkerParachainInvArch Tinkernet | ⚙️� @TinkerParachain� Trustless #XCM Transacts unleashed � @TinkerGabe is back with a demo video on how to perform a #trustless XCM transact!!! � This unlocks the power � for #INV4 multi-sig to be executed on my blockchain by users on other chains! � Check it out: https://t.co/cJ6unz0kfD10:28 PM ∙ Oct 27, 2022

Hoon from Astar and Shiden on WASM and EVM:

Twitter avatar for @hoonsubinHoon @hoonsubinFirst ever XVM tx!! Now you can call EVM contracts from WASM and vice versa!
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Following Hoon’s tweet, Shiden Network WASM Bounties:

Ramz recap Astar Community Call:

Twitter avatar for @0xRamzRamz @0xRamzThe Astar Community Call 001 - Recap!� Trying out some thangs. Let me know your overall thoughts. Keep it one-punchy� medium.com/@xramz/astar-c…medium.comAstar Community Call 001 — Recap!Reaching for the stars, collectively.1:27 AM ∙ Oct 28, 202213Likes4Retweets

Dating App on Blockchain?? Will my message private?:

Transferring DOT from Moonbeam to Cosmos ecosystem via Axelar bridge:

Twitter avatar for @TeamKujiraKujira � @TeamKujira� You can now use $DOT as collateral to mint $USK blue.kujira.app/mint/kujira1ey… We're working hard with @axelarcore to make this process easier �️ $DOT can be bridged from Moonbeam (needs some $GLMR for gas) � satellite.money/?source=moonbe… Or IBC'd from @osmosiszone �
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Toma about Web Summit:

Twitter avatar for @Toma_SadovaToma @Toma_Sadova1/ What is the biggest problem of @Polkadot? Maybe mass adoption? Lack of marketing? No awareness? All of them. and we know how to start the way to change it!2:56 PM ∙ Oct 26, 2022178Likes47Retweets

DTMB on projects building on Moonbeam. Did I just see LayerZero?:

Twitter avatar for @dtmb_xyzDowntown Moonbeam @dtmb_xyz236 projects are on Moonbeam now! � Check out the latest projects!
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Kusamarian on ZeistGeist:

Twitter avatar for @TheKusamarianThe Kusamarian @TheKusamarian@IndikoJohansen & @_MonteCrypto lead us through the process of using @ZeitgeistPM to pool the power of the market to #predict the #future on questions you care most about! Get answers now! *New Episode* Watch and learn � youtu.be/6yQm-kO9dO0
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Hard time using Polkadot. js extention? Check Talisman, today they introduced 1 click staking:

Twitter avatar for @wearetalismanTalisman @wearetalismanNomination pools are coming to Polkadot in less than 3 days! You’ll now be able to stake as little as 1 $DOT and it takes just a few seconds No more complicated validator set-ups or scary interfaces Here’s a sneak peek of how it works �
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0xEnes.eth about Acala Network:

Twitter avatar for @0xsungurlu0xEnes.eth @0xsungurluFrom this day on, I'll try to make threads about @Polkadot Ecosystem and today it is about @AcalaNetwork Let's go! �
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Bittensor will be onboard on Polkadot.

The description: an open-source protocol that powers a decentralized machine learning network. �:

Twitter avatar for @prateekvjoshiPrateek Joshi @prateekvjoshiWe have Ala Shaabana on the Infinite ML pod today He's the cofounder of Bittensor, an open-source protocol that powers a decentralized machine learning network. He has a PhD in computer science and was previously at Instacart and VMware. In this episode, we talk about:
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Events �

Next month we will have huge events to catch up.

ZeistGeist with meme contest:

Twitter avatar for @ZeitgeistPMZeitgeist Official ❁ @ZeitgeistPMKeen on a stack of ZTG? � We're giving away 1000 ztg split between three genius meme creators! � � Welcome to Zeitgeist's "Hallomeme"! � Simply QT this tweet, create your meme, enter your details below, and you could win 500 ztg.� [T&Cs in tweet 2] forms.gle/VYdwXUoJv6rVEg…forms.gleZeitgeist “Hallomeme” ContestHalloween is coming up! Let’s have fun, engage, and give our creative community members the chance to flex their meme skills! ;)2:06 PM ∙ Oct 26, 202223Likes6Retweets

Astar Network with Pumpkin � (til 1st November):

Twitter avatar for @AstarNetworkAstar, the Future of Smart Contract for Multichain @AstarNetwork�Pumpkin Carving Contest!� Join us in this special contest and show off your carving skills! 1⃣Carve your pumpkin 2⃣Take a photo with it and your "Astar Hand Sign" 3⃣Post photo in as comment below � 3 Winners chosen by Nov 1st Check out our example! Tag #AstarHalloween
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StellaSwap #MoonBeamIgnite still running (Running for 6 months):

Twitter avatar for @StellaSwapStellaSwap ☄️- Buidling V3 Concentrated Liq AMM @StellaSwap� Excited to announce that @LidoFinance's $stDOT farm is live! You can now stake into @StellaSwap's $wstDOT - $stDOT farm to earn; ⭐️ $DOT staking yields ⭐️ $stDOT trading fees ⭐️ Triple-rewards with eco incentives ( $GLMR + $LDO + $STELLA) Read on�� #MoonbeamIgnite
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Polkadot Summit in San Francisco (3rd November):

Twitter avatar for @polkadotsummitPolkadot Summit | Join us Nov 3rd @ #sfbw22 � @polkadotsummitWe are excited to have a huge panel with Logan Saether @ZeitgeistPM , Carolina Mello @NodleNetwork ,Eric Wang @ParityTech ,Jay Chrawnna @TheKusamarian on Web2 vs Web3: So you want to work in Web3? Join us Nov 3rd �RSVP @ polkadotsummit.com @AstarNetwork @Polkadot #SFBW22
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MoonBeam illuminate/22: 10th-11th November:

Twitter avatar for @MoonbeamNetworkMoonbeam Network @MoonbeamNetwork1/ �Save the date ➡️ Moonbeam Illuminate is back!✨ Illuminate/22⚡️brings the Moonbeam community together in a virtual #Web3 conference to celebrate an active booming ecosystem of projects building multi-chain apps #Moonbeamilluminate � Register now � hopin.com/events/illumin…
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OAK Network AMA with Bill Laboon about Governance. 28th October:

Twitter avatar for @Web3foundationWeb3 Foundation @Web3foundationHappening now: tune in to an AMA on @Polkadot's governance system with Web3 Foundation's @BillLaboon: Twitter avatar for @oak_networkOAK Network @oak_network�OAK Network is honored to launch our YouTube Live series hosted by @Polkadirks! �️This week we kick off the series with @BillLaboon from @Web3foundation for an in-depth conversation about Governance�️ Join us on October 28th, at 7:30am UTC� �https://t.co/qRIn4TIsd7 https://t.co/0kDZLsiBRH7:44 AM ∙ Oct 28, 202254Likes6Retweets

$IMBU from @ImbueNetwork is coming on Mangata. 7th November:

Twitter avatar for @MangataFinanceMangata ($TUR,$MGX) @MangataFinance$IMBU is coming to #MangataX! � The Liquidity Bootstrapping event starts on November 7th and will run for 3 days. Mangata X users and the Imbue community will be able to join the bootstrap by providing IMBU or MGX. Read the announcement here �� blog.mangata.finance/blog/2022-10-2…
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Are you in Bangkok? Polkadot BKK might happen this December:

General stuff �

Moonbeam TVL surged hard:

Twitter avatar for @PolkadotInsiderPolkadot Insider @PolkadotInsiderLet's celebrate @MoonbeamNetwork and @ParallelFi to be in the top 10 blockchain platforms having the highest TVL performance over the past 30D The market is constantly volatile but the team keeps working and building � #Polkadot #DOT $DOT
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Twitter Threadoooor might get rewards after Elon Musk joined?????:

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