Sergio Aguero’s Kuniverse is now live on The Sandbox

By November 15, 2022The Sandbox
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Kuniverse Blockchain in The Sandbox

Users were allowed to mint avatars using wallets such as Metamask,Coinbase and every other wallet available through Wallet Connect.

The Sandbox now houses Kuniverse - new avatars that are inspired by the life of Sergio “Kun” Aguero. Users can now mint their avatar collection based on the 9320 unique and randomly generated avatars. The collection highlights Aguero’s career milestones from football, gaming and victories. Each avatar has unique functionalities and users can unlock special rewards including a chance to meet Aguero himself.

The Kuniverse Explained

Sergio Aguero has teamed up with The Sandbox and Eter Studios to create an immersive metaverse experience called the Kuniverse which will consist of Kuni avatars. Each Kuni avatar has its own unique functionality and can unlock several rewards. Lucky players can get a chance to meet Sergio Aguero in the FIFA World Cup 2022 happening in Qatar, attend esports tournaments and gain access to music events.

The first season of Kuniverse will consist of a virtual football stadium in which players can eat Argentinian food, attend dance parties and play football related games. Kun Aguero will also have an active role in the Kuniverse. He will be involved in the gameplay and will also stream content live on Twitch.

To mark the collaboration of Sergio Aguero with Sandbox, the platform announced the giveaway of Sergio’s signed jersey and $120 worth of SAND tokens to the lucky winner in October.

How to mint Kuni Avatars?

Users can go to the official Kuniverse website to mint their avatars. By minting the avatars users get access to unique wearables, VIP access to exclusive social media channels to interact with Kun Aguero, exclusive challenges including NFT drops and entry to private events.Users can mint avatars using wallets such as Metamask, Coinbase and every other wallet available through Wallet Connect.

On November 1st, users who signed up for the Discord Server Whitelist and users of previous Sandbox Avatar Collections and LAND tokens gained early access to the Kuni avatars before the NFTS were sold to the public on November 2nd.

On 4th November, Kuniverse NFTS were made available in the OpenSea marketplace. Users who were part of the whitelist were able to mint up to 4 avatars per wallet in 48 hours. In the public sale (which is live at the moment), users can mint up to 10 avatars per wallet. This limit was set to ensure equitable distribution of the NFT to the users.

Price of Kuni Avatars

At the time of writing, one Kuni Avatar cost 100 SAND tokens. The SAND tokens are powered by the Ethereum network. According to coinmarketcap, one SAND token is priced at 0.0004683 ETH ($0.586) at the time of writing.

Where can you buy Kuni Avatars?

Users can buy Kuni Avatars from OpenSea and there is no limit on the number of avatars one can buy.

At the time of writing, the cheapest Kuni Avatars are available for 0.05~ ETH ($62.49 USD) while the most expensive Avatar is priced at 500 ETH ($624K USD)

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