Chiliz Price Prediction as it Surges Ahead of World Cup – Are These Coins Better?

By November 18, 2022The Sandbox
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Chiliz is the project behind the Socios platform, hosting numerous fan tokens and enabling fans to participate in their teams’ management decisions. At the heart of this platform is the native token, Chiliz (CHZ).

With the FIFA World Cup 2022 set to start on 20 November, speculation about Chiliz’s bull run is buzzing in the crypto community. The sentiment is that fans will rush to the platform and increase token demand tremendously, resulting in CHZ pumping.

There’s already been signs of that. Since mid-October 2022, Chiliz has increased in value by almost 80%. That short-term rally resulted in CHZ reaching $0.29 before swiftly losing more than half of its value the following day and plummeting to $0.14.

Since then, Chiliz has regained 53% of its value and is currently trading at $0.22. If the bullish momentum continues, CHZ is likely to encounter resistance at $0.40.

It has made higher highs since breaking out of its massive downtrend. The drop to $0.14 after it broke out of the downtrend was a second retest of support. One troubling revelation after the breakout was that the price set a lower low (second support touch).

It’s possible that Chiliz is still stuck in the range it’s been in since May 2022 and the spike to $0.29 was the price testing the resistance of the range. If CHZ fails to make a higher high, it could drop to the bottom of the range, which is at $0.08.

Traders should practice caution before opening a position as CHZ hasn’t provided a clear direction yet. If the coin breaks out of the range and sets a higher high at around $0.32, it’s likely to carry on to $0.40. But it could go back to the bottom of the range.

Since Chiliz’s trajectory is uncertain at the moment, investors are likely to opt for D2T and $TARO — appreciating assets currently on presale.

Dash 2 Trade – Powerful Analytics & Signals Platform with D2T Token

Dash 2 Trade has launched a presale of its native token, D2T, at the perfect time. This intelligence platform alerts investors about looming problems with cryptos and helps them avoid getting involved in another FTX collapse-like project.

D2T entered a successful presale in October 2022, raising $500,000 in just 24 hours. The presale launched less than a month ago and has already raised almost $6.5 million. The coin swished passed the first two stages and is currently available for $0.0513 in stage 3.

After the presale ends, early investors will be up by 39%. Crypto signal platforms have proven to be extremely popular amongst traders, and it wouldn’t be uncommon for a token such as D2T to take off once it’s listed. Already, LBank and BitMart have confirmed the coin’s listings.

D2T $150,000 Giveaway

To make the presale more appealing, Dash 2 Trade has offered a $150,000 token giveaway. Investors wanting to partake will need to own at least $150 of D2T tokens on the day of the draw. Just over 90 days remain until entries close. Multiple entries are granted to investors who complete social media tasks.

Dash 2 Trade is the perfect platform for investors seeking technical and fundamental data.

On-chain Analytics & Presale Scoring

One of the platform’s core features is on-chain analytics. These feature statistics about coin and wallet activities. When irregular movements happen in crypto, the platform flags them and alerts investors. This enables investors to monitor what the whales are doing.

To avoid being part of a defunct crypto project, investors will appreciate Dash 2 Trade’s presale alerts. Not only does this feature notify investors about new crypto projects so they can lock in low-asset prices, but it also scores them.

The platform examines each project’s tokenomics and audits and then scores them to help investors determine legitimacy. Dash 2 Trade also alerts investors about coins listed on new crypto exchanges.

Crypto Signals

The main reason most investors use the platform is to receive buy and sell opportunities. It’s a convenient way to open positions without doing extensive technical analysis. This platform was designed to help traders become profitable, and the signals definitely guide traders toward that goal.

Another feature that traders can incorporate is automated trading. It’s perfect for investors wanting to avoid analyzing charts for hours or simply don’t have the time to do that.

Risk Profiler

Many investors worry about technical indicators and forgot about the psychology of trading. Dash 2 Trade helps investors with that aspect by examining each user’s behavior to provide a more effective approach to the market.

The platform analyzes an investor’s strategies and general trading habits. Risk profiler helps investors determine their ideal trading plan. As an example, some investors are better at shorting assets than going long. This feature provides useful information such as that to position investors well in the market.

Technical Indicators and Backtester

Investors wanting to add advanced indicators to their analysis can use order book statistics, moving averages, bands, price correlation between assets and other tools supplied by the platform.

Much like a demo account, the builder tool enables investors to construct various strategies and test them out in conditions mimicking live markets. This is perfect for traders of all skill levels but especially beginners wanting to get a feel for the markets without risking real money.

To take advantage of all these benefits, investors must subscribe to the platform.

  • Starter subscription: Enables investors to access certain features such as basic insights and on-chain analytics. The monthly cost is 400 D2T tokens.
  • Premium subscription: Investors get access to all the features such as trading competitions, advanced market insights and whale wallet movements.

Since this platform offers various tools to help investors become more profitable, D2T tokens are likely to take off on exchanges after more investors realize the coin’s use cases. That’s the reason investors should fill up their bags with tokens while they’re still on presale.

RobotEra – Newly Launched P2E Token in Presale

$TARO tokens are also currently on presale, enabling investors to get in early on RobotEra, a play to earn game rivaling The Sandbox. This is an appreciating asset that increases in value as it enters the different stages of the presale.

Still in the first stage, $TARO tokens are available for $0.02. The second phase increases the value to $0.025, and the third stage bumps up the price to $0.032. That’s an increase of 60% for investors who get in early.

The game is set on Taro planet, destroyed after a catastrophe. Players take the form of a robot avatar and buy metaverse land with $TARO tokens to rebuild it. RobotEra rewards players with tokens for increasing the value of the land by adding assets, mining minerals and cultivating sacred trees.

It’s a multiverse ecosystem that allows players to connect to other worlds. Players can participate in concerts, host events and operate independent continents to earn rewards. The in-game tools enable players to build robot companions and then sell them as NFTs.

The game enables players to earn a passive income by staking their coins, which is vital for the restructuring of Taro planet. Players can monetize their land by selling billboard space to advertisers.

Once players have increased the value of their land through infrastructure, they can sell it at a profit.

RobotEra enables players to build their own metaverse with other NFT communities and submit original NFT works to museums for display. Players can also invite communities to the theme park, making Taro an exciting place to socialize.

$TARO is already one of the best altcoins thanks to the game’s ability to provide players with tokens for completing tasks, and it’s still only on presale. The crypto market has shown that P2E tokens of popular games can surge significantly when listed on exchanges. That’s the reason it’s best to buy $TARO now.

RobotEra has capped the supply to 1.8 billion tokens. The presale receives only 15% (270 million) of the total supply. That’s 90 million tokens per stage, which is very little considering the coin costs only $0.02.

After the presale ends, $TARO will be listed on exchanges. RobotEra has allocated only 3% of the total supply for liquidity on exchanges. That’s significantly less supply than for the presale, which is even more reason for investors to act now.

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