Like The Sandbox and Decentraland, Runfy Wants to Create Advancements in the Crypto Industry and Attract New Users

By November 20, 2022The Sandbox
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Cryptocurrencies have advanced finance beyond the wildest dreams of most people. With each new cryptocurrency, new ideas are introduced and the industry continues growing. The Sandbox (SAND) and Decentraland (MANA) brought a lot of new users into the crypto industry with their innovative ideas and now, Runfy (RNF) has been launched to take the industry forward.

Runfy (RNF) Could Promote Mass Crypto Adoption With its Unique Design

Runfy (RNF) recently entered the crypto industry and it has plans to become the biggest lifestyle cryptocurrency. By targeting a whole new market of customers, Runfy (RNF) could gain a massive number of users and with its unique features, keeping those users will not be a problem. Runfy (RNF) is community-driven and it was built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). It was designed to give regular users a reason to exercise regularly and meet their fitness goals. A lot of people gained a lot of weight from staying at home during the pandemic and losing weight isn’t easy because it is hard to stay motivated for long enough.

Runfy (RNF) wants to provide people with the best incentive to encourage them to work out: money. Users will be provided with the Runfy App where they can track their progress and receive tips and instructions. When they meet their exercise goals, they get rewarded with Runfy (RNF) tokens. The Runfy App will also let users monitor their diet and set goals for themselves. With Runfy (RNF), a lot of people will get the exercise they need and enjoy the benefits of cryptocurrencies.

The Sandbox (SAND) is on Its Way to Becoming One of the Biggest Metaverses in the Crypto Industry

The Sandbox (SAND) is the native cryptocurrency that powers The Sandbox’s multiplayer metaverse. The Sandbox metaverse was launched in 2011 and it runs on the Ethereum blockchain. It presents players with a massive virtual world that they can interact with by playing games, creating virtual experiences, trading digital assets and interacting with other players. Users can also monetize their creations within the metaverse and can trade their digital assets or Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) for money.

All transactions within The Sandbox metaverse are performed using The Sandbox (SAND) tokens and players also have access to a marketplace. In addition to this, they are provided with a voxel editor and a game maker to make the creation of new assets and experiences very easy. With all of these, users don’t have to leave the platform and they can create whatever they want whenever they want.

Decentraland (MANA) is Setting the Standard for What Metaverses Should Be

Decentraland is also a metaverse that runs on the Ethereum blockchain and it is one of the biggest ones in the crypto industry. It allows users to build and interact with the creations of others. Users can also make money off their creations and the metaverse is fully customizable. The full version of the Decentraland metaverse was released in 2020 and it has been on a roll since launch. The Decentraland metaverse is divided into land parcels which users can own and customize. These are represented by LAND tokens which are ERC-721 tokens and are non-fungible.

The utility currency of the Decentraland metaverse is Decentraland (MANA). MANA tokens can be used within the metaverse to perform transactions such as the purchase of LAND tokens, the currencies used to buy digital plots of land on the Decentraland platform.

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