Dogelians: Sandbox and AXI Infinity – an excellent play-to-earn gamify platform with attractive qualities similar to crypto mods

By December 5, 2022The Sandbox
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Dogelians: Sandbox and AXI Infinity – an excellent play-to-earn gamify platform with attractive qualities similar to crypto mods
Dogelians: Sandbox and AXI Infinity - an excellent play-to-earn gamify platform with attractive qualities similar to crypto mods

Dogelians is an admirable meme project that has the potential to take the crypto market by storm. It has respectable features like NFT, DeFi and P2E. These characteristics guarantee the success of the project.

Dogelians’ architecture enables users to stake and earn coins through its open-source P2P channel. This channel facilitates the buying and selling of digital currencies without autocratic policies. Users can exchange assets and trade securely and anonymously without having to go through any third-party channels.

The Dogelians team prioritizes complete decentralization, which is a key value of blockchain technology. Dogeliens ensures that its project code is made public for individuals who can modify it to their liking. This established structure protects the Dogelian platform from autonomous control or government interference.

Dogelians Academy: Barkington University, Open Education

The Dogelien architecture is embedded with valuable learning resources so that users can seamlessly navigate and explore its ecosystem. Dogelians ensures that access to these educational resources is free for all. However, the premium classes require affordable tokens from the users to enjoy.

Additional educational tutorials and programs catering to topics outside of crypto are also available at Dogelian Academy. Topics like Geography, Mathematics, Reading and Writing are covered in this section.

Dogelians Token: DOGET

The native currency of Dogelian is $DOGET, the token that powers the Dogelian economy. Users can use $DOGET to customize and improve their Doglion NFTs. As Dogelion Puptopia develops, the team will remove some $DOGET tokens from circulation. This protocol ensures a more balanced ecosystem and regulates the token value.

Comparing Doglion with The Sandbox and Axi Infinity

Sandbox (Sand): Blockchain Gaming

Sandbox is a blockchain-based gaming protocol that allows users to develop virtual spaces. The Sandbox ecosystem consists of three basic sections: VoxEdit, the Sandbox Marketplace, and Game Mode.

In the first section, VoxEdit is a Nobel 3D modeling software that allows users to create their own voxel assets. Sandbox VoxEdit has inbuilt tools and architectural structures that users can adopt to develop their own virtual worlds. This channel also serves as the throughput of the sandbox marketplace.

Axi Infinity (AXS): a modern online game

Axi Infinity is a digital pet universe that leverages blockchain technology to create fun and generate user revenue. AXI Infinity is a gamify platform on the Ethereum network that allows players to collect, breed, trade, and battle their AXIS.

Additionally, Axis Infinity has its own marketplace with Axis, Land, and in-game assets. Assets on the Axi Infinity marketplace range in value from 0.04ETH to hundreds of ETH. The most lucrative AXI NFT deal is for approximately $1.5 million, which is equivalent to 888ETH. A user initiates this transaction to acquire 9 plots of land on the AXI Infinity platform.

How to buy Dogelians token

To buy Dogeliens coins within its presale period, you will need to install a Binance Smart Chain BSC compatible wallet such as Metamask or Trustwallet. As a computer user, you can get MetaMask while smartphone users can get it from Trustwallet

You must buy BSC from your coin address on MetaMask, Trustwallet, or an external crypto exchange, such as Binance, to fund your wallet. Then go to the Dodgelion homepage and click on the button that reads, “Buy your puppy on Pancakeswap.”

Clicking this button redirects you to the PancakeSwap platform exchange filled with DOGET tokens, and you can now click Import. After importing, connect your wallet PancakeSwap using the instructions provided. Enter the amount of BSC you want to exchange and set the Slippage to 8%, then go to and click the Swap button.

After a successful exchange, hold on to the DOGET coins until the official value is announced by the Dogeliens team.

If you buy Doggett coins with SOL tokens, you will get 15% bonus. Plus, if you refer someone to buy DOGET tokens during the pre-sale, you’ll earn a reward of $50 each for spending up to $250.


Dogelians is a meme token that provides properties beyond comic relief and opportunities to generate residual income for yourself. Join the platform now to explore and earn. For All Things Click Below!

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