The Sandbox Review: The Most Attractive Metaverse World Right Now

By May 28, 2023The Sandbox
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Several metaverses have been created by blockchain game creators over the years, with The Sandbox being one of the most notable. The Sandbox, which aims to provide a decentralized virtual arena for its players to freely utilize their creativity to create immersive game experiences, is forever changing the gaming landscape.
The Sandbox Review: The Most Attractive Metaverse World Right Now
The Sandbox Review: The Most Attractive Metaverse World Right Now 1

Players in the huge and immersive virtual world are given the tools they need to create innovative gaming initiatives and deploy them on owned land parcels. This notion not only helps artists to realize their visions but also provides avenues for them to generate money via their inventive creations.

In this in-depth The Sandbox review of Coincu, we’ll go over everything players need to know to have a successful campaign.

What is The Sandbox?

Since the early 2000s, The Sandbox has been a pioneer in the virtual world-building and metaverse area. It debuted as a mobile game in 2010, giving players tools to participate in nonlinear gameplay, commonly known as “sandbox mode” gaming, by enabling them to design their own worlds filled with virtual items, people, characters, and others.

The game remained popular until it was purchased by Animoca Brands in 2018. The virtual property would subsequently be used by this parent company to create a blockchain-based version of The Sandbox, replete with play-to-earn games, virtual land parcels, tradeable NFTs, and more.

Snoop Dogg, Gucci, Republic Realm, PricewaterhouseCoopers, and HSBC have all invested in The Sandbox, making it one of the most popular metaverse platforms in the world. Here’s a detailed look at The Sandbox.

The Sandbox is made up of thousands of plots of various sizes. Each plot contains the plot owner’s one-of-a-kind work. This might be a game, a social center, or anything else that can be envisioned and created. Sandbox is voxel-based, giving it a Minecraft-like appearance. Individual voxel objects may be imported from external editors and used as assets inside each session.

The Sandbox Game Creator, built on Unity and having an ever-growing scripting language, provides builders a lot of freedom to create something unique. Owners of plots have total choice over what is erected on their property. RPGs, side-scrollers, business management simulators, dancing games, and more have been made so far! Via the Game Creator, players may join and play any public experience. Most are single-player adventures, however some allow you to interact with other players.

The Sandbox is a publicly accessible metaverse platform that allows users to engage in play-to-earn activities, acquire land, collect its cryptocurrency token SAND, and have a vote in the network’s management.

Despite the fact that the metaverse market is still in its early phases, it has shown to be popular with users and investors, and it has garnered a substantial number of loyalists. Animoca obtained $2.5 million in development finance in 2019, followed by another $2.01 million later that year.

The Sandbox received a whopping $93 million in an investment round spearheaded by SoftBank in November 2021. Adrian Cheng, a Chinese billionaire, said that his company would buy one of the largest land plots accessible in the game.

On the consumer side, The Sandbox is said to have surpassed 2.4 million users, a remarkable achievement considering the low rates of VR adoption. The Sandbox, which is built on the Ethereum blockchain, began as a game-builder simulator accessible on Steam.

The Sandbox swiftly grew to prominence because of its great in-game services, which allowed like-minded individuals to collaborate to build innovative items and monetize them via tokenization. The metaverse’s economy is reliant on SAND, the utility and governance currency used for exchanging items in The Sandbox marketplace.

Moreover, the users’ land parcels allow them to customize the virtual land as they see appropriate. Individuals may create various games and deploy them on their own land parcels to attract both crypto and non-crypto players, which is a fantastic feature given that non-crypto fans have been reluctant to test the metaverse.

Moreover, if high-quality games are deployed inside the grid, individuals from all over the globe will be obliged to experience the virtual world and get a taste of next-level gaming, which also employs the play-to-earn (P2E) function and allows players to receive incentives for their contributions to the metaverse.

The Sandbox Review: The Most Attractive Metaverse World Right Now
The Sandbox Review: The Most Attractive Metaverse World Right Now 2

Main ingredients of The Sandbox


ASSET is an NFT created by the user. These are VoxEdit assets that were posted to the Sandbox Marketplace and turned into NFTs for sale.

ASSET may be utilized in a variety of ways throughout the game. It may be structures, animals, automobiles, clothing, weaponry, or even avatars. ASSET may be particularly created for Game Maker game makers to give a unique gaming experience.


The digital real estate in The Sandbox game is called LAND. On the Ethereum blockchain, this is a single ERC-721 token. Gamers may buy land to create their own version of the game by combining ASSET and the Game Maker engine. They may also link together many parcels of property to build a real estate chain.

Players may monetize a one-of-a-kind gaming experience using LAND. A landowner, for example, may tax other players when they visit that Property. In The Sandbox, you may also earn incentives by selling or renting LAND according to your requirements.

The 166,464 LANDS map (408 * 408) serves as the foundation for the Metaverse Sandbox. LANDS is a virtual region in the Metaverse controlled by users for the purpose of creating and monetizing games. LANDS is a game publishing platform that may be hired by game developers. Every LAND comes with a collection of pre-built terrains, but the person who owns it may format and modify it (or other players they invite to work on it).

Players will be able to combine LANDS to create ESTATES in the future, and ESTATES will have the possibility to be held by several players to establish in-game COUNTRIES.


Avatar is the character’s graphical representation in the game; you may create and equip your avatar (ASSETS). SAND may be used to enhance the appearance of the Avatar.

The Sandbox ecosystem


VoxEdit is an NFT maker and 3D model editor that lets users to create their own VR content. It comes with animation tools, export possibilities, monetization options, templates, and much more. Users of VoxEdit may register as artists by contributing to the platform’s Creator Fund.

Game maker

This is a no-code gameplay design and development tool that is presently in alpha release. With The Sandbox platform, users may develop 3D games for free and share them with friends and communities. The feature provides visual scripting tools that do not need previous coding or game development skills.

The marketplace

There are hundreds of content producers in The Sandbox, including both sponsored partners and normal users. It also includes a catalog of NFT products, wearables, and 3D artwork created by the community. Snoop Dogg, for example, just released 10,000 limited edition avatar NFTs that can be bought using SAND tokens. Players may purchase NFTs for their personal collection and playtime, or they can resale them for a greater price.


The Sandbox, like most other metaverse platforms, makes its map, or a whole collection of land parcels and their layout, open to the general public. Users may locate land for sale, houses for rent, regions that are currently under development, and much more here. Consumers may also acquire assets from The Sandbox on the OpenSea NFT marketplace.

The Sandbox Review: The Most Attractive Metaverse World Right Now
The Sandbox Review: The Most Attractive Metaverse World Right Now 3

What makes The Sandbox unique?

Sandbox currently does not have any persistent play to earn possibilities. Nevertheless, once the monetization capabilities are in place, any experience in The Sandbox will be able to develop their own play-to-earn mechanisms. Whether by a token payout, NFTs, or another method. Sandbox, on the other hand, hosts a steady stream of unique events in collaboration with other partners. Players may earn SAND tokens and NFT prizes during these events by completing objectives in certain experiences.

One of the most notable parts of The Sandbox metaverse is the complex process of tokenizing in-game assets and allowing users to use the assets as they see fit. Participants are encouraged to participate in the ecosystem, and unlike centralized governance, peer-to-peer trade is encouraged, which adds to the profit potential.

Moreover, The Sandbox’s unique gameplay makes it a fan favorite. The setting is magnificent, and the rewarding gameplay appeals to both crypto and non-crypto players. Non-enthusiasts are also drawn to the metaverse since it is endorsed by prominent personalities.

The Sandbox tokens

The Sandbox tokenomics are simple to grasp since the whole ecosystem is focused on exchanging supplies using three distinct tokens: Sand, Gem, and Catalyst.


SAND is the principal utility token utilized inside The Sandbox ecosystem. It is an ERC-20 token that acts as the economy’s fungible token. To trade in the native marketplace and for governance reasons, players must acquire SAND tokens.

SAND holders may influence the vote result inside the DAOs structure to have an ultimate say on game internals. Moreover, gamers utilize SAND tokens to pay gas costs while submitting 3D assets to the local marketplace.

SAND tokens have a restricted quantity of three billion, with 30% currently in circulation. Participants may use well-known DEXs like as Binance to purchase SAND tokens and enjoy the benefits later when the project is nearing completion and ready to be mainstreamed.


GEM, the second most common money in The Sandbox economy, is used to improve the properties of objects in the game builder. It is an ERC-20 token that may increase the value of assets by adding to their qualities. A single GEM token might contribute 25 attribute points to the assets’ total statistics.

GEM tokens are crucial for The Sandbox users who want to attain optimum functionality in their games. Although burning GEM tokens might be a difficult process, users can readily acquire these tokens via The Sandbox’s own marketplace.


The CATALYST is a mystery currency established by The Sandbox team inside the ecosystem that is burnt when a player mints new assets to increase the rarity of the NFT, which greatly adds to its worth. CATALYST is an ERC-20 token, and utilizing it improves the spaces for using GEM tokens to enhance the assets’ qualities.


Project employees are individuals who have previously worked together and have expertise working at organizations linked to games or Blockchain; they are AAA video-game professionals and blockchain engineers. As a result, the ERC-1155 standard token was created. Moreover, the Sandbox team has created two mobile games that have received over 40 million downloads. Include:

  • Arthur Madrid (CEO & Co-Founder): Co-Founder and CEO of Pixowl, Member of the Board of Directors of Animoca Brands.
  • Sebastien Borget (COO & Co-founder): Co-founder and COO of Pixowl, former COO of Wixi Inc and 1-Click Media Networks, president of Blockchain Game Alliance.
  • Lucas Shrewsberry (CTO): CTO of Pixowl, former Head of Engineering at Gameloft.
  • Marcelo Santurio (CFO): Former Head of BD at Partypoker LIVE, Co-Founder and CEO of, and CEO of Convergia.


The project will continue to significantly support the Partners Ecosystem in 2023:

  • As a result of the advent of the Partners resources, you may help generate additional business. HUB to enable agencies and studios to access all the information they need, as well as the introduction of the Partners Directory to connect brands’ demands with the knowledge of agencies
  • Via the Game Marker V0.8, developers can create more enjoyable, social, and immersive experiences while also making their creations more accessible through tool translation in additional languages.
  • Assist in the onboarding of new Partners into The Sandbox ecosystem by launching a new content series to inspire brands and IPs to join The Sandbox, new vertical and regional LAND Sales, with even more flagship neighborhoods based on cultural and geographical affinities, and a new onboarding process for agencies and studios.


Following are some examples of common Sandbox collaborations:

  • Atari is a video game business that was formed in 1972. Atari’s games and materials are presented in the virtual environment of The Sandbox gaming.
  • SBS Game Academy is a South Korean video game educational organization. SBS Game Academy will create a curriculum centered on The Sandbox Game Creator.
  • Shaun the Sheep: This is an animated series featuring two feature features and its own series. The cartoon characters from Shaun the Sheep will be moved to The Sandbox as an ASSET on the platform.
  • Matic Network is a well-known decentralized ecosystem. Matic Network will engage with The Sandbox team to improve transaction speeds and the user experience on The Sandbox platform.
  • South China Morning Post: A Hong Kong-based worldwide news outlet, will deliver a series of real new cultural experiences to The Sandbox’s open gaming marketplace.

Sandbox has also collaborated with over 165 businesses to develop voxelized versions of their worlds and characters in The Sandbox, including Snoop Dogg, The Walking Dead, The Smurfs, Care Bears, CertiK, Solidified, and Adidas. According to a press release, the platform has produced $144 million in gross lifetime merchandise value (GLMV).

The Sandbox Review: The Most Attractive Metaverse World Right Now
The Sandbox Review: The Most Attractive Metaverse World Right Now 4


Although The Sandbox confronts severe competition from Decentraland, Roblox, Bloktopia, ization others, its popularity is well-deserved.

The platform’s crew has maintained a laser-like focus on its development, paving the way for a busy future. In addition, The Sandbox has collaborated with critical stakeholders and sponsors, which has increased traffic and investment interest.

While engaging individuals from outside the crypto sector remains a key barrier for the ecosystem, the sandbox still has a lot of development potential. Individuals who have long been interested in game creation but lack the requisite coding skills may learn how to use The Sandbox’s tools. It’s a simple method for consumers to determine if they appreciate the notion of generating and selling gaming content using blockchain technology.

The simplest way to get started with The Sandbox is to create a cryptocurrency wallet and purchase a few SAND tokens. The game may be played for free or for a fee, and NFT accessories start at a few dollars.

The majority of the platform’s potential is represented by its big and pricey plots of land, which may be monetized via events, rental workspaces, public spaces, and other means.

Although options to play and earn are restricted at this time, there are lots of opportunities to develop and earn before the game even launches. This includes everything from constructing wearable headwear to developing a complicated scene item to creating a complete game! The ideal places to start on this route are the regular VoxEdit and Sandbox Game Creator competitions. To remain up to current on the competitions and freebies, follow them on Twitter and Discord.

DISCLAIMER: The information on this website is provided as general market commentary and does not constitute investment advice. We encourage you to do your own research before investing.

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