The Democratic Representative Jared Polis to Demonstrate Bitcoin Ecosystem to Congressmen

By August 5, 2014Bitcoin Business
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The Democratic Representative Jared Polis to Demonstrate Bitcoin Ecosystem to Congressmen
The Democratic Representative Jared Polis to Demonstrate Bitcoin Ecosystem to Congressmen

Though it is disputed whether Jared Polis is a democrat, as this website says that he is an independent Congressman, there are no doubts about the fact that he has been a great advocate of Bitcoin.  This representative from the Second District of Colorado has long stood up for the idea of Bitcoin and digital currency.

His support for the digital currency has never been questioned; rather, it has been applauded by the bitcion community. He came to support Bitcoin and even welcomed Robocoin to the nation’s capital to show off their Bitcoin ATM. Now, this Congressman is again going to help the digital currency by demonstrating it to the fellow Congressmen.

Some of the biggest Bitcoin companies like Coinbase, BitPay and BitGO have come up with a shop in the Rayburn House Office Building and aim to inform and convince Washington regulators to embrace Bitcoin. To reach to the regulators, for these companies there was none better than Jared Polis.

Jared Polis was one among the first politicians in the US who started accepting the digital currency for campaigning and since then he has debated and talked about it at various forums. Talking about the latest demo to Congressmen he said that this will allow Members of Congress who may not be as familiar with digital currencies to ask experts about it.

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Jared Polis Better Suited for the Job

He says that the Congressmen could now ask even the uneasy questions about the digital currency that may have been bugging them up for some time. The questions like potential, how they work, and the appropriate role for government to play in their development, etc. would be answered by Mr. Polis, the co-host of the event.

Thus, designed to demonstrate the machinations of Bitcoin to the country’s lawmakers from some of the best and brightest in the industry, the event is expected to generate not just awareness but also informed decisions from the government. A lot of opinion from the government comes as the representatives don’t understand the nuances of Bitcoin.

There has been a lot of ill-informed opinion from Congressmen and regulators in the US according to some Bitcoin supporters, primarily coming as many of them are not exactly the most tech savvy; however, if the community can come together with patience and show them that Bitcoin isn’t the currency of criminals, we may be one step closer to helping the digital currency gain greater acceptance.

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