Quintain Marketing Now Accepting Bitcoin for Marketing and Web Designing Services

By November 5, 2014Bitcoin Entertainment
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Quintain Marketing Now Accepting Bitcoin for Marketing and Web Designing Services
Quintain Marketing Now Accepting Bitcoin for Marketing and Web Designing Services

In a press release, Annapolis marketing agency Quintain Marketing has announced that it now accepts Bitcoin as a form of payment for its marketing and web design services. At the occasion Owner and CEO Kathleen Booth said that he believes digital currency is gaining momentum as a method of payment and being innovative organization it was natural for it to accept Bitcoin.

He said that he is excited to be amongst the first companies in the Annapolis area, and one of the first marketing agencies in the country, to accept Bitcoin. Quintain Marketing provides end-to-end marketing solutions that build clients’ brand equity and help them achieve their overall business objectives.

There are not many marketing and web designing companies that accept Bitcoin despite the fact that these services are the ones that have huge prospects for clients around the world. Now that Quintain Marketing has decided to embrace Bitcoin, other companies in similar domain may start mulling their plans to accept Bitcoin.

Quintain Marketing is known for its marketing strategy development and execution, brand positioning, website development, social marketing (including social SEO), tradeshow strategy development, branded products, etc. for clients. It also brings direct marketing, incentive and reward programs, and online company stores.

The company says that as Bitcoin is the world’s most widely used cyrptocurrency and several other organizations including bars, law firms, taxi companies, colleges, etc. have embraced it, it was inspired a lot. The increasing popularity of Bitcoin is for various reasons; one being that there is less transactions cost than other available payment methods.

A Large number of Companies Have Embraced Bitcoin, Recently

Even the recent decisions by notable vendors including Overstock.com, Amazon.com, Dish Network, Target, CVS, Dell Computers, PayPal/EBay, Expedia, Home Depot, Kmart and Sears, etc. to accept Bitcoin too inspired Quintain Marketing. A lot of these companies first assessed Bitcoin and then decided to embrace it for obvious benefits.

Even Quintain Marketing understands this when it says that the ability to accept Bitcoin is really a win-win for both it and its customers. According to the company it is an additional payment method that is going to help clients pay with ease and reduced transaction fees.

The company has partnered with Baltimore-based Bitsie, Maryland’s first full service Bitcoin agency, and Bitpay, a trusted third party payment processor, to process Bitcoin transactions; its instant exchange will convert Bitcoin payments to US dollars at the moment of transaction.

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