Advanced Global Concepts of Jason Brailow Receives $5 million for Bitcoin Exchange

By November 9, 2014Bitcoin Entertainment
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Advanced Global Concepts of Jason Brailow Receives $5 million for Bitcoin Exchange
Advanced Global Concepts of Jason Brailow Receives $5 million for Bitcoin Exchange

Advanced Global Concepts which was founded by CEO Jason Brailow has received first round financing of $5 million. The company is building a technologically advanced, high performance exchange that will set the standard for the increasingly important Bitcoin market and expected to do well as the funds start pouring in and further investments are available.

According to the firm it will count many of the world’s most active and influential banks, brokerages, hedge funds, trading firms, and foreign exchange dealers among its client base. Talking to media professionals Jason Brailow said that the Advanced Global Concepts system will include partners from the leading global financial services firms.

This according to him will enable them to run their own exchanges and offer Bitcoin trading to their customers. Jason Brailow admitted that the project will allow the company and its partners to participate in and profit from the rapidly growing Bitcoin market, which some analysts are already labeling as a “disruptor” for the world’s traditional currencies.

The Exchange Will Benefit from the Experience of Jason Brailow

Jason Brailow comes with a wide-range of experience in business and technology startups and according to observers this is going to help the Advanced Global Concept emerge as a leading Bitcoin exchange. He brings the ideal skill set to the research, development, building, and launch of Advanced Global Concepts’ Bitcoin exchange and storage project.

Jason Brailow knows what it takes to become successful in today’s hyper-competitive global marketplace. He learned this from one of his earlier projects, a direct marketing company, and quickly gained an international reputation and shot up to number 184 on the Inc. 500 list. Thus, with a diverse background, he is all set to carve a place for himself in Bitcoin ecosystem.

The whole focus of Advanced Global Concepts is to construct its own robust trading engine from the ground up as demand for it is going up. Also, as the financial services sector is going to expand further for Bitcoin, the requirement for a Bitcoin exchange, the organization is willing to invest heavily and reap the benefits.

Nonetheless, the company says that it is developing the safest and most secure place to store Bitcoin with monumentally innovating security protocols to protect against the risk of attacks. Thus, focus is also on the security of Bitcoin which has long been a major concern for users around the world.

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