Bitcoin News Mash-Up: HP Survey Favors Bitcoin; VISA to Accept Bitcoin; and More

By November 14, 2014Bitcoin Entertainment
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Bitcoin News Mash-Up: HP Survey Favors Bitcoin; VISA to Accept Bitcoin; and More
Following are the major Bitcoin news of the day

HP Survey: 79% of US Organization Might Adopt Cryptocurrency in Future
According to a new study based on trends in the field of electronic payments, over 79% of the US businesses to upgrade their existing payment mechanism to make way for new methods like Bitcoin. The study, commissioned by the tech giant Hewlett-Packard (HP), is derived from answers from 634 residents in the United States. 79% among them is hopeful to adopt Bitcoin in the future, while 80% expects cryptocurrencies to dethrone the current fiat payment system. Meanwhile, a majority of the participators also complained about the security issues in the digital currency arena.

Visa CEO: “We Could Integrate Bitcoin”
Visa CEO Charles Scharf recently opened speculations of Bitcoin getting integrated into their company, when he was speaking at the Bank of America’s annual conference in New York. He said:

“Bitcoin is two things, right? Bitcoin is a currency and it is a way to create a network. And the two today aren’t associated. People (ask): ‘Are you going to accept the coin?’ And the answer is, we’ll think about it when our clients actually want to use it. So when we have banks and merchants saying ‘Hey, our clients really want to pay in Bitcoin,’ then it becomes a meaningful question for us to answer. Until then, it is just theoretical would we do it, and we have – I forget a couple of hundred currencies or 170 currencies that we do business in. If we chose another one, we can certainly do that.”

OKCoin Receives €3 Billion Hedge Fund
Flibbr, an online marketplace of Bitcoin, recently conducted a Google Hangout session with two members of the Chinese exchange OKCoin: Zane Tackett and Changpeng Zhao, Technical Director of the company. During the meeting, Zhao said: “Also very exciting, we have a new client. I cannot disclose the name yet. It’s a €3 billion market cap client. They just do hedge fund trading, and they’re going to be trading on our platform. That’s a pretty big institution.”

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