Bitcoin News Mash-Up: Coinbase adds Tipping Button; Operation Onymous; and More

By November 19, 2014Bitcoin Business
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Bitcoin News Mash-Up: Coinbase adds Tipping Button; Operation Onymous; and More
Following are the major Bitcoin news of the day

Coinbase Adds Button to Send Tips
Coinbase launched a new feature that lets one send Bitcoin tips easily. The notice, published in the blog of the company, reads: “We are very pleased to launch a new button tips with bitcoins. The same can be added easily anywhere and allows visitors to send tips using Coinbase account or other Bitcoin wallet. For users of Coinbase, tipping is sent with just a click. The amount to surrender default is 300 bits (about $0.10 USD at the time of publishing this notice), but senders can edit the result by the amount you want.”

One Third of Seized Website was a Clone in Operation Onymous
One third of the 414 websites seized during the Operation Onymous appears to have been cloned without any illegal commercial activity, says a report from independent security analyst Nik Cubrlovic. The specialist said in his blog that 11 black markets remained in operation after its clones were seized. “Some of these sites were mentioned in the FBI press release … as having been taken down when in fact the clones were seized,” he added later.

Operation Onymous was an operation backed by FBI and Europol in which an equivalent of $US1 million bitcoins were seized – €180,000 in cash, gold, silver and narcotics.

Wall Street Firm Plans to Partner with Buttercoin
Wedbush Securities, a company that provides financial and Wall Street investment services, recently announced its partnership with Buttercoin, a US based Bitcoin trading company. This is the first time a Wall Street based firm is getting associated with Bitcoin startup. Sheri Kaiserman, Head of Equities at Wedbush Securities, said:

“We are impressed with Buttercoin in many regards notably that it provides reliable, trustworthy and excellent trade execution, and most importantly that it has a US banking relationship. We see cryptocurrency technology as disruptive to the financial services industry as the internet was to communications.”

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