Dash’s Amanda B. Johnson Releases Miniseries on Blockchain for Beginners

By September 14, 2016Bitcoin Business

Photo: Amanda B. Johnson If you are a regular reader than I am sure you are an expert on cryptocurrencies, blockchain and everything else. However, we all know many people that have never been exposed to this world. So for the next time you want to explain the subject to your friend that just read an article with lots of words he never heard of just refer him to Dash School. Take the lead from today’s leaders. FM London Summit, 14-15 November, 2016. Register here! We asked cryptocurrency video blogger, Amanda B. Johnson , who created this miniseries, who is the target audience and does it provide an unbiased or a strictly pro Dash point of view? She explains: “The goal of the Dash School video series is to provide, hands down, the easiest-to-understand introduction to blockchain technology that exists online. In tandem, the videos also reveal why Dash is the single most undervalued blockchain system today. They describe how we’re preparing to make digital cash accessible to anyone, even your mother.” “The first three videos are not Dash-specific at all. They lay the foundation for the workings of all blockchains in general. Only the latter three of the six videos are Dash-specific. A viewer just wanting a solid grasp of blockchain, explained without the jargon, can simply watch the first three and call it good.” The Apple’s Bite As for her take on the whole Apple/Jaxx/Dash affair , she answered: “I actually have no coherent thoughts about Apple demanding that Jaxx wallet remove Dash, because I can see no underlying pattern or rationale in their demands. The digital currencies that Apple has ‘approved’ are seemingly random — Smileycoin? Gulden? But not Dash, the eighth-highest by market cap? I have no words.” She also made this Apple parody video, […]

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