IBM is looking for a few good startups — are you one of them?

By September 14, 2016Bitcoin Business

Enlarge TBJ File Photo IBM Executive Briefing Center, RTP, Durham, N.C. That’s according to John Wolpert , IBM’s Research Triangle Park-based Blockchain Offering Director, who says his IBM unit is trying to help startups across the globe use Blockchain to create an Internet unlike anything we’ve seen before. Wolpert, who just moved here from San Francisco, has been at IBM since the mid-90s, starting three startups over the years, including Uber competitor FlyWheel. "When I’m not starting a company I kind of like to work for IBM because it’s a great place to be an entrepreneur, oddly enough,” he says. And he’s finding that opportunity in his role in RTP, where he says he’s trying to re-invent the Internet. As IBM makes its push in the Blockchain space, it’s a push coming specifically out of IBM’s Triangle operation, he says. While IBM’s RTP headcount used to be known for PCs and servers, a shift in business strategy had Big Blue divesting those businesses in separate sales to Lenovo. That left space at the campus to innovate. And Blockchain is one of the technology areas putting IBM’s Triangle operation on the map. “How would you like to never file your taxes again?” he says, adding that Blockchain has the potential to eliminate that – and more tasks. Blockchain, put simply, is a technology for transactions. “Everyone has control, but no one is in control … Your peer is an equal participant in the network.” Made famous by Bitcoin, a distributed ledger makes it easy to track virtually anything of value – all without requiring a central point of control. And through open-source projects in conjunction with companies such as Red Hat, IBM is trying to make a dent in the space. But Wolpert says there’s real opportunity in entrepreneurs willing […]

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