AmsterdamGold Taps BitPay To Accept Bitcoin Payments

By September 21, 2016Bitcoin Business

Bitcoin is playing a significant role of importance in the precious metals sector. BitPay has added another client to their growing list of companies accepting Bitcoin payments. AmsterdamGold, a Dutch company in the precious metal trade, is now accepting Bitcoin payments for all gold, silver, and other purchases made through the platform. AmsterdamGold Now Accepts Bitcoin It is always positive see precious metals dealers accept Bitcoin payments. Although gold and silver are global commodities, the payment options acceped are usually anything but. By working with Bitcoin through the BitPay merchant service, the Dutch company can attract a lot of potential customers from all over the globe. As one would expect from a precious metals dealer AmsterdamGold has quite a collection of items for sale. Their new collection includes silver and gold Maple Leaf coins, which are priced quite high. Silver is, of course, much cheaper than gold, but it still represents a significant investment. The company sells both coins as well as bars, in gold and silver. They also purchase gold and silver from customers looking to liquidate their precious metal assets. Based on the information we have received, AmsterdamGold will not offer Bitcoin in exchange for selling your precious metals to them, though. The decision to accept Bitcoin seems like a logical one in this day and age of digital payments. Using credit cards or PayPal is subject to high fraud risks, and there are large fees associated with the process. Customers can even file for a chargeback after the items have been delivered, creating a lot of hassle companies just don’t want to deal with Bitcoin alleviates all of these concerns, as all sales are final. BitPay will also handle the conversion from Bitcoin to Euro, which is a great way to protect oneself against any price […]

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