Dragon’s Tale – Come and Play the Element Fire Slot Game

By September 26, 2016Bitcoin Business

Dragon’s Tale is one online Bitcoin Casino far different from what you are used to finding. Dragon’s Tale is a Role-play Gambling adventure where the players roam around in a virtual world filled with fantastic islands exploring, gambling and completing quests. In this amazing virtual world, players will find dozens and dozens of fun and exotic mini-games they won’t find in any other casino. Many of these games are simple variants of simple classical casino games such as Slots. One of these games is the Element Fire. Element fire is a strictly a luck game and can be found in Ying Wu Dao, which is one of the many islands of Dragon’s Tale. The game is pretty similar to a slot machine. In The Element Fire, you will have 5 different elements: earth, water, fire, wood, and gold. Once in while the betting levels and payouts for the element fire game on are settled. To play, the player bets anywhere from lower bet to the highest which launches 5 fireworks that represent the various elements. To win, the player must get a certain combination of elements. For instance, if a player gets 4 fire matches he wins 8 times his bet. All the player has to do is launch five rounds of Element Fire to display a brilliant pyrotechnic show from the hills around the town. If three or more match, he wins. Many variants each with its unique shells and displays can also be found. Aside from the martingale method , you won’t be able to use any strategies because it is a luck game, there are no “tips” on how to play element fire. So it’s only you bet… you pray… and you either win or you lose! Visit Dragon’s Tale right now to play this and […]

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