Ethereum eSports Rewards Platform FirstBlood Raises $6m in Crowdsale

By September 26, 2016Ethereum

Were you planning on taking part in FirstBlood’s crowdsale today? Too late, the funding round was completed just moments after it began. Within seconds the decentralized eSports platform raised just over $6 million in Ethereum (ETH 465,312.999), in what seems like a new record for speedy funding time in the blockchain assets ecosystem. Take the lead from today’s leaders. FM London Summit, 14-15 November, 2016. Register here! By harnessing Ethereum smart contracts, FirstBlood allows people to fund eSports matches without trusting a central party. It relies on a decentralized witness and jury system to determine match outcomes. The platform incentivizes members of the jury pool with a percentage of the revenue from every match using its native cryptocurrency – FirstBlood Token. It enables players of popular online PvP games like League of Legends, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, and Hearthstone to challenge each other with money on the line. This infusion of capital, as well as show of resounding community support, will help FirstBlood take a leading position in the heated race to become the cryptocurrency of choice for gamers. Earlier this month the International eBoost Society has announced a new cryptocurrency – the eBoost software token – which will initially be used by the eSports site Mockit, which has received more than five million replays on’s In July Breakout Coin ended its first public crowdsale, collecting a total of 851 bitcoins which is worth approximately $560,000 at relevant price levels. A total of 4,357,800 BRK were distributed, and a further 2,269,694 were ‘burned’ and permanently removed from the market.

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