ICONOMI ‘Uberizing’ Blockchain Platform Eclipses $6m In Fintech Crowdsale

By September 27, 2016Bitcoin Business

Tantalisingly dubbed a Blockchain ‘Uber for Fund Management ’, ICONOMI, has today raised over on $6m to become the third largest crowdfunded investment sale ever. And, the initiative’s founders are on a mission to prove that the concept of ‘uberization’ is suitable for far more than ‘consumer-level’ services and aim to start an “inevitable disruption” of finance. ICONOMI, the first-ever fund management platform for blockchains and cryptocurrencies that is located in a ‘nerve-hub’ of blockchain innovation in Ljubljana, Slovenia, has revealed yesterday (as of September 26) that approximately $5.93 million (m) in equity and operational capital had been raised through an Initial Coin Offering (ICO), effectively a way or vehicle for investors to participate in crypto ventures. Developed by the team at Cashila , an online service and one of the first registered bitcoin companies in Europe that is registered as a Financial Institution, Ethereum-based ICONOMI is creating a so-called ‘disintermediated alternative’ to the multi-billion dollar fund management industry, “uberizing” traditional Wall Street. Cashila, with operations in Brno and Prague in the Czech Republic and founded by Jani Valjavec and Tim M. Zagar back in 2013 (and co-founders of ICONOMI), connects Bitcoin with the classic banking system, making everyday bill payments with crypto-currency simple, convenient and accessible for anyone, anywhere and at any time. It allows Bitcoin holders make transactions or cash Bitcoins secure, inexpensive and with what it claims is ‘zero’ exchange rate risk. Business hand clicking a blockchain button on a black blurred background. (Image: Shutterstock). The potential of ICONOMI, which is located around 20-minutes away from Bitstamp, the only licensed and regulated bitcoin exchange worldwide, had by today had enticed more than 2,400 investors to become involved in a fund raising exercise has surpassed $6.3m (as of 4pm GMT). And, over the past 30-odd days ICONOMI […]

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