New Showtime Documentary Claims John McAfee Killed At Least Two People

By September 28, 2016Bitcoin Business

The world of technology was rather shocked when they found out that John McAfee was accused of murder. A documentary aired on the Showtime network created a lot of social media backlash. It is not the first time his name has comeup in a murder investigation, though. The camps are divided on what is true and what is fiction, but it makes for an interesting story, nonetheless. John McAfee Is Getting All Kinds of Attention These Days The same man who gave the world McAfee Antivirus tools – both loved and hated equally these days – is also a suspect in a murder case. Things unraveled when McAfee fled Belize after he was wanted for questioning regarding the murder of his neighbor. Although police officials indicated he was not an official suspect, it put the world on notice. A recent documentary on the Showtime network seems to echo similar statements. However, the documentary makers talk about two murders, rather than one. There are also allegations against McAfee of raping a Harvard biologist. If all of these claims are to be believed, John McAfee has gotten away with murder not once, but twice. It didn’t take long for John McAfee to respond to these allegations, as he rightfully should. He even wrote a lengthy rebuttal claiming that all of these allegations are fake. He even went as far as claiming that Showtime paid the documentary makers to spread more lies about his persona. Quite an interesting statement, although not entirely unrealistic. Mainstream media does not have the best of reputations when it comes to telling the truth or doing things the right way. All of the evidence gathered for this documentary comes from interviews and contact with former McAfee employees and his ex-girlfriends. Although these latter people may not be […]

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