SatoshiLabs Shows Off Trezor 2 Prototype

By September 28, 2016Bitcoin Business, Bitcoin Tech

SatoshiLabs is currently holding its “Trezor 2” Hackathon at Paralelní Polis in Prague. As a bonus, the company also unveiled the prototype of its next generation bitcoin hardware device. Also read: Paralelní Polis Preps For This Year’s Hackers Congress The Trezor 2 Hackathon Hackers and developers are gathering in the Czech Republic for the Trezor 2 Hackathon. Trezor says day one will feature the first public presentation of the Trezor 2, with well-known industry members also presenting. At the event, innovators such as Jochen Hoenicke, Marek Palatinus, Pavol Rusnak, and Andreas Antonopoulos are providing guidance and mentorship. SatoshiLabs said the Trezor 2 device will have new hardware features and a “completely revamped software stack,” open to developers. Additionally, the company explained that anyone with JavaScript or Python skills will be able to create applications with Trezor architecture . Another Trezor 2 feature is a touchscreen and a microSD card slot for encrypted storage. The SatoshiLabs team also published pictures of the prototype, revealing the device looks different to the original . Throughout the event, developers Nicolas Bacca, Roman Zeyde, Mark Bryars, Jochen Hoenicke and Saleem Rashid discussed several Trezor 2 related topics. These included security, SSH login, U2F, and GPG sign and verify issues. Participants also discussed Ethereum and Mist integration, smart contracts and assets, and overall Trezor 2 development. SatoshiLabs Expands Trezor’s Feature Services The Bitcoin hardware wallet company has worked steadily on its products and software. Just recently, SatoshiLabs also released the Trezor Manager application for Android. As a result, platform users can set up, customize, and recover a Trezor device without a computer. Furthermore, Trezor expanded its firmware with two-factor authentication capabilities . The Universal Second Factor (U2F) was released with firmware 1.4.0, which users can connect via Google or Dropbox. In addition to the new […]

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