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Bitfury’s Crystal Blockchain Analytics Platform Adds ERC20 and ERC271 Token Support

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Having facilitated the launch of over 900 ICOs, all of them powered by the Ethereum Blockchain, to date, Bitfury’s Blockchain analytics platform is yet again hitting the headlines. Crystal Analytics is now providing expert analytical support and data scraping for both the ERC-20 and ERC-721 tokens.

Crystal Analytics, which helped ensure a successful launch of 650 ICOs in 2018 alone, is lending the services as a way of expanding functionality on the popular Blockchain network. Its significance is majorly down to the fact that it has the right expertise needed to highlight suspicious transactions involving the tokens. It does this by providing a complete view of the publicly accessible Blockchain, and rightly so using cutting-edge analytics and data scraping know-how.

Right now, users can conveniently view and inspect transactions involving token in this smart Blockchain analytics platform, all thanks to Crystal Analytics. Basically, the platform exposes a vital data layer that adequately fulfills the need for crypto compliance on this now-pervasive Blockchain platform. Eventually, this offers a broad view of the behind-the-scenes mechanics regarding the popular tokens in the market today.

Viewing Token Transfers Is A Breeze

One crucial thing attributed to Crystal Analytics is how easy it is right now to see the tokens. After the Ethereum Blockchain initiates a Token Contract, it follows it with a Token Transfer, a process that’s visible on this convenient analytics platform.

For a user to view the Token Transfer, he/she will only need to find the “Token Transfers” tab that’s visible on the transaction page. From there, seeing the details of both the sender and the receiver of the tokens, plus the amount of tokens transferred becomes a lot easier.

The tokens come as token type, token ID as well as the token name. From there, you may view the contact page of the token transferred by clicking on the coin name. Other features visible on the page include the risk score, the number of tokens transferred and the fees charged.

With a sleek, well-designed website, this platform can mainly be referred to as an all-in-one tool that offers professional insights on crypto transactions. Crystal offers a complete view of the Blockchain network, ensuring that any questionable transactions are seen. All these features make the platform suitable for regulators who include law enforcement agencies as well as mainstream, financial institutions.

For those who would prefer to give the new platform a try, they can register and view the demo at Crystal Analytics website, Remember, the tokens could be ERC-20 tokens or ERC-721 tokens.


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