The Bitcoin[BTC] race to the moon has just begun: The Winklevoss Twins

By July 10, 2019 Bitcoin Business
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Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss are both known for their rowing skills. They are also known for being rivals of Zuckerberg, as they received an out-of-court settlement from the Zuc when they allegedly claimed Facebook was based on an original idea by the duo.

The twins had first invested in bitcoin 6 years ago, and have now become pioneers in blockchain technology. They were unsure at first, but some “tequila” aided their decision, add the duo jokingly.

About to go onstage at the 92nd St Y w/@benmezrich @tylerwinklevoss @winklevoss to talk crypto. #BitcoinBillionaires

— Paul Vigna (@paulvigna) July 9, 2019

David Marcus leading Facebook’s Calibra stated, “We want, and need, governments, central banks, regulators, non-profits, and other stakeholders at the table and value all of the feedback we have received.”

This proves that Libra is the mother and father of centralization. Mark Zuckerberg wishes to control the money market, and I don’t think traders and HODLers are willing to let that happen either.

The duo spoke about the inability of the governments around the world when it comes to placing bans on crypto. There is no way to stop bitcoin from flowing unless “the internet” is blocked, they say.

Some organizations like Grayscale have begun promoting bitcoin by pairing up BTC against the most sought-after metal in the world. The rarity of Bitcoin will keep growing with the ensuing time.

Why is #gold still in your portfolio? #DropGold

— Grayscale (@GrayscaleInvest) May 1, 2019

With regards to the regulators, they said, “You know, we definitely went through the front door, and we tried to educate the regulators and shape the regulation in a thoughtful manner…”

They had earlier partnered up with Flexa to promote adoption of cryptocurrencies. The Gemini dollar operates under them, and this is a stablecoin pegged with the US Dollar.

It is currently ranked at #347 on coinmarketcap. The supply involves 10,510,903 GUSD tokens.

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