Bitcoin maximalist claims that comments made on Ethereum were not ‘attacks’

By December 28, 2019DApps
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The rivalry between individual cryptocurrencies has been a driving force in organizations ramping up developments in the space. This competition has also resulted in the formation of dedicated communities for each crypto with the Bitcoin and Ethereum armies constantly at war with each other.

In a recent series of tweets, WhalePanda, the popular Bitcoin maximalist wrote that the Bitcoin community only call out Ethereum’s flaws rather than launch blatant attacks. He said:

“Bitcoiners don’t “attack” Ethereum. They point out their flaws, inconsistencies and spreading of false informations. For example: – change of narratives (world computer, ICOs!, dapps!, defi!,…) – trying to rewrite history (DAO, premine, scalability promises, PoS promises,…).”

The world computer reference was made in connection to the comments made by Vitalik Buterin during earlier interviews. Buterin had claimed that the Ethereum computer would act as an interface for global functions on the internet. The Ethereum co-founder’s power and influence were also considered as some of the network’s faults which included governance issues.

Ethereum’s price has not been much of a help in improving its name as the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency was trading for $127.94 at press time. The asset held a market cap of $13.9 billion at a 24-hour market volume of $8.4 billion. Another major fault that was pointed out in the Ethereum ecosystem was the sheer number of hard forks. The network has been struggling to launch hard forks after developmental delays and errors in the coding.

This increase in hard forks was evidenced recently when Ethereum decided to launch another one a month after the launch of its last fork, Constantinople. The fork, tentatively set to launch ion January of 2020, will combat the Ice Age phenomenon on the Ethereum blockchain. Tuur Demeester, the founder of Adamant Capital had also commented on the difficulty bombs situation, tweeting:

“My take on ethereum’s Ice Age difficulty bombs: it’s the equivalent of the Senate writing in the constitution “this country will transition to communism in XX days” in order to ensure that the constitution be regularly “updated”, thus conveniently turning senators into oligarchs.”

Coming back to WhalePanda’s comments, the Bitcoin enthusiast further added that the routine stalling of updates for Ethereum 2.0 was also a big issue. He reiterated that the comments were not attacks and that they were just objective observations. The Bitcoin supporter pointed out that there were some people in the Ethereum ecosystem who recommend to users that putting their entire life savings into ETH was “a good idea”.

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