Two cryptofirms are leading with atoms rather than bits

By January 14, 2020Ethereum
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Nonetheless, at this week's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, two cryptofirms are leading with atoms rather than bits, and it seems to work.

Our goods won "CES Technology Awards" and coveted spots in the exhibition of technology, where hordes of people flood through the Sands Expo Centre.

We first came across Pundi X at CES when we spoke MakerDAO in the section called "Digital Money." The MakerDAO Foundation showed off its integration with the XPOS point-of-sale program, a device made by Pundi X both to sell crypto and also to accept crypto as payment by merchants.

Nonetheless, XPOS isn't what Pundi X plaudits won at CES. Instead it was "Blok On Blok" (BOB), their blockchain phone, which was recognized in the Mobile Devices & Accessories division of the trade show.

"We want to provide the consumer with a choice to monitor their data," Soohan Han, of Pundi X, told CoinDesk at the company booth.

Han said the point of the BOB phone is to give confidence to users that their communications are not really being monitored. He has also promised the ability of phones to circumvent censors. For instance, the United Arab Emirates are blocking VoIP, but Han said on a visit there he could get past it with his BOB phone.

The phone runs on Pundi X's own f(x) blockchain (incidentally, the company also plans to move XPOS into its own blockchain, even though it was built for ethereum).

The BOB phone will switch back and forth between the Android mode and a blockchain-built Android fork that is ready to support dapping. Similarly, dapps were assisted by the Sirin Labs phone, but not running on an operating system based around blockchain.

Han said Pundi X's aim is to create a new operating system, one for which other telephone companies will be developing phones.

"There's no unified operating system out there. If they want to, we want to offer (f)x OS to give people a way to manage their data," Han said.

Han said they expect this mobile device to target the tech-centric and the security-conscious. Ultra privacy-conscious users may be somewhat wary about an Android-based operating system but there are few alternatives out there.

One non-blockchain product that is based on open source software is Purism's Librem 5, which runs Linux based PureOS. The Librem has physical switches that disconnect the camera and microphone of the device, so that a user can really know that they don't work.

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Our goods won "CES Technology […]

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