The DeFi Deluge, Does Quitriam Finance (QTM) deserve more exposure than Avalanche (AVAX)?

By May 12, 2022DeFi
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In crypto terms, exposure is ultimately how much capital you have in a particular currency. The more exposure, the more prone you are to gains or losses when that currency increases or decreases in value.

The immeasurable Avalanche of DeFi

2021 saw the addition of various projects to the heavyweights of crypto. Avalanche is certainly one of these success stories. Setting an all-time high of just under $150 per token in November 2021 and currently sitting at number 5 in Total Value Locked (TVL), Avalanche has very quickly cemented its position amongst the leaders in the DeFi war.

Avalanche is becoming a key player in expanding cryptocurrency adoption due to its industry-leading transaction costs and times. Solana is ultimately its biggest competition for DeFi transaction times - not a bad name to be associated with.

The Avalanche Foundation has just launched a new incentive programme boosting the development of Subnets. These subnets built on its framework theoretically give AVAX an unlimited number of transactions per second (TPS). An impressive statistic compared to Ethereum’s maximum of 14 TPS.

Interoperability between DeFi protocols has been one of the biggest constraints to cryptocurrency adoption. Avalanche is one of the greatest advocates for blockchain interoperability. The Avalanche Bridge allows for cheap, fast and reliable transfers of Ethereum tokens from the Avalanche C-chain to the Ethereum ecosystem and back again. While the king of DeFi might never be displaced, this bridge ensures AVAX’s future is extremely bright.

Quitriam Finance, the Future of Web 3 DeFi.

QTM offers both blockchain interoperability with the scalability and transaction levels of AVAX.

Launched on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), QTM has partnered with Polygon Matic, and Avalanche already, with more partnerships to be announced soon. Quitriam Finance’s DEX can interconnect with partnered blockchains to find the best gas fees and slippage rates. It does the work for you, instantly finding you the best possible method of finalising your desired trade.

Like AVAX, this DeFi protocol could have hugely positive ramifications on the levels of cryptocurrency adoption and crypto interoperability going forwards into 2023. Despite it being a Layer 2 protocol (built as a sub-network on another blockchain - the BSC) it benefits from Binance’s scalability as well as its hugely impressive Total Value Locked - currently sitting at just under $300 billion in TVL.

Why Choose Quitriam Finance over AVAX?

Currently, in its presale, QTM is up 90% in a month since its first launch. With its Mainnet testing set for completion before Q3 and its cross-chain expansion scheduled for the end of 2022, Quitriam Finance could be the next undiscovered gem to fly when confidence returns to the crypto markets.

Avalanche is by no means a bad investment - far from it. It has, however, had its titan run-up in 2021 and the capacities for life-changing returns off a small initial investment have passed for AVAX.

This is what makes Quitriam a very strong contender for life-changing returns. The development team are bringing the future of cryptocurrency adoption closer by bridging together some of the most influential cryptocurrencies in the industry and revolutionising interoperability. While it is not in a position to rival Layer 1’s like Avalanche and Solana, buying the token in its presale could well bring the kind of gains AVAX saw in 2021.

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